10 tips for improving and maintaining mental health

10 tips for improving and maintaining mental health

  1. Acceptance of one’s being – this means that each person gets to know their own being in more detail and accepts it in such a reality.
  2. Building self-confidence – self-confidence is best built if we recognize and accept our virtues, flaws and weaknesses.
  3. Solid diet and activity – stress is definitely reduced by a solid and simple diet with any physical activity (walking, running, etc.).
  4. Learning new skills – acquiring new knowledge and skills will increase everyone’s confidence.
  5. We should seek support from similar people – try to find similar people who match your character and interests. Or people with similar problems with whom you will meet new experiences and new solutions to problems. Any person will not feel isolated then.
  6. Involvement in the community and volunteer work – someone believes that working in volunteer organizations is actually a waste of time. However, any volunteer activity and voluntary work gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction and strengthens self-confidence.
  7. Learning to overcome stress – no one can avoid daily stress caused by various reasons. Try learning more about coping with stress to maintain mental health.
  8. Be happy to help and gladly accept the help of other people – every person occasionally needs some kind of help because life is full of ups and downs.
  9. Free time should be used wisely – cultivate good relationships with family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances, and seek support from similar people. In difficult times, any support is important.
  10. Free time and activities – listening to music, reading, meditation and any activity is important for improving and preserving mental health. Sometimes 10-30 minutes is enough.

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