The village “Hobbiton” in The Rakova Noga (Kreševo municipality, Golišan locality in Bosnia and Herzegovina

All the small houses are modeled after the houses from the epic fantasy novel “The Lord of the Rings” by the English academic and philologist J. R. R. Tolkien. The more complex story is actually a continuation of Tolkien’s earlier work “The Hobbit”.

The village “Hobbiton” is located in the settlement of Rakova Noga (Kreševo municipality, Golišan locality in Bosnia and Herzegovina). It is a settlement of 5 small houses (accommodation units) dug into the ground and overgrown with grass. The innovation and construction was done thanks to the merits of 4 young and enthusiastic sisters – Marija, Milijana, Vedrana and Valentina Miličević. The sisters also wanted to promote their hometown. The creator of the idea is Marija Miličević, one of the sisters who is a geological engineer. Marija had the support and help of other sisters and parents. Everyone participated in the design, drawing and decorating of the houses sticking out of the ground. So at the entrance to Marija’s house it says: “Speak friend and enter.”

The price of accommodation generally ranges from 50 to 100 Euros.

Four sisters – Marija, Milijana, Vedrana and Valentina Miličević – are responsible for this unusual atmosphere in Golišan. Young and full of enthusiasm, they decided to offer people something different, but also to promote their native region.

Hobbit houses are a great potential for tourism and for people to get to know the beauties of Kreševo better.

  • It was the custom of the ancient Slavs to meet, negotiate, marry, judge and forget under a linden tree. Linden is known as the tree of happiness, beauty, health and longevity. The Lipa house is a symbol of a happy childhood. It is woven with love for nature, natural materials, old customs, exudes emotions and aims to provide you with comfort and inner peace. Lipa is my thanks and memory of my late grandparents – it was written in the house of Milijana’s sister, who is an architectural engineer.

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