Black cumin oil destroys 80% of malignant cancer cells and stimulates lactation in nursing mothers

Black cumin oil destroys 80% of malignant cancer cells and stimulates lactation in nursing mothers
A bottle of Nigella Sativa or black cumin seed oil was found in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun during archaeological excavations. The famous claim of the Prophet Muhammad that “black cumin oil cures everything except death” is a legend, but it is still current throughout the world. Numerous records on ancient papyri testify that the ancient Egyptians considered black cumin oil a magical medicine.

The ancient Egyptians also called black cumin oil “Pharaoh’s gold”. Black cumin means “seed of blessing” in Arabic.
Modern scientific tests confirm the healing properties of black cumin seed oil. The seeds contain more than 100 active biological substances (among them beta-sitosterol, which has strong anti-cancer properties). Black cumin therefore powerfully resists cancer because of this property. Scientific studies say that black cumin destroys as much as 80% of malignant cells in a tumor. At the same time, it activates many important genes that can effectively fight against the further growth of cancer. Active substances block the development of cancer cells, which they then destroy.
Black cumin contains thymoquinone (a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and destroys harmful substances and free radicals that have a harmful effect on the cellular level and can cause oncological diseases in the human body).
The active ingredient thymoquinone normalizes cholesterol and lipoprotein levels, promotes bile secretion, reduces acidity and improves digestion.
Nigelone (in the composition of black cumin seeds) expands bronchial passages, prevents vasospasm, helps to remove mucus from the lungs, relaxes muscles and normalizes blood pressure.
Black cumin seed oil normalizes digestion, reduces swelling due to its mild diuretic effect and stimulates lactation in nursing mothers.

Pour one spoonful of black cumin seeds with 300 ml of boiled water. Strain after 6 hours. Drink 50 ml of tea half an hour before meals and three times a day.
Or drink black cumin oil in the same small container (plastic cap) that comes with the bottle of oil.



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