It is recommended that all people whose lifestyle is associated with heavy physical work and efforts eat honey regularly

It is recommended that all people whose lifestyle is associated with heavy physical work and efforts eat honey regularly
10 plants that are great in combination with honey
Artificial honey obtained from sugar does not have the medicinal value that natural honey has.
Natural honey should have a pleasant and slightly sour taste and melt completely in the mouth
Natural honey does not leave sediment in the mouth while you eat it, neither solid particles nor strong crystals on the tongue. Natural honey causes mild irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat and nose. It creates a burning sensation (which is a great sign of the natural origin of honey). The honey has most likely undergone heat treatment if you can taste the caramel. Such a product loses its natural properties. Honey is heated to present itself to customers “as already crystallized honey”. Artificial honey does not crystallize during storage. Sugar honey is of a suspicious white color and can be distinguished without additional experiments. Such honey is more similar to sweetened water, while the taste is relatively empty and mild. It lacks the astringency characteristic of natural honey. The aroma is also weakened. Milk will curdle if you add a little sugar honey to hot milk.
The Persian scientist and physician Acena claimed that every man should eat honey if he wants to maintain good health and youth for a long time.
Honey is the elixir of longevity and is known to contribute to the preservation of youth and good health. It solves colds, sore throats and relieves coughing. It has the ability to relax and relieves fatigue and headaches.

A glass of warm water with honey gives you a restful sleep
Honey contains glucose and fructose and several important minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, chlorine, sodium phosphate and iron). Honey contains a large amount of vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C). The concentration of these useful elements in honey depends on the quality of nectar and pollen.
Honey goes well with infusions and herbal liquids from different plants.

The healing power of honey is only enhanced when combined with other ingredients.

  1. Mountain honey with oregano, thyme and linden is recommended for diseases of the respiratory organs.
  2. The combination of honey with mint, thyme and oregano is recommended for diseases of the digestive system.
  3. The combination of honey with lavender, steppe and forest mint is recommended for heart disease.
  4. Honey with chestnut, from field and fruit plants is recommended for kidney disease.
  5. Honey is the most famous and harmless sedative. It strengthens the nervous system and the whole body. Only 100 grams of honey contains 315 to 335 calories (because honey is a high-calorie product). Honey compensates well for lost energy.
  6. A glass of water with 2 to 3 spoons of honey is an excellent tool for alleviating physical and urinary fatigue.
  7. Insomnia is solved by a glass of warm but not boiled water with one spoon of honey. Drink before going to bed.
  8. Honey can be taken constantly (especially during breakfast) for the prevention of chronic diseases.
  9. It is recommended that all people whose lifestyle is associated with heavy physical work and efforts eat honey regularly.
  10. The daily dose of honey for a healthy person should not exceed more than 3 tablespoons of honey per day. 3 spoons of honey is about 70 grams to 80 grams. Be sure to exclude other sugar and sweets. Or at least significantly limit other sugar and sweets. Thus, metabolic disorders are avoided until the onset of diabetes.
  11. Honey with lemon is an excellent drink against colds and flu. Add 25 grams of honey and the juice of half a lemon to a cup of warm water. This drink relieves the symptoms of malaise.


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