10 reasons to drink a green smoothie in the transitional periods of the year

10 reasons to drink a green smoothie in the transitional periods of the year

  1. During the spring, many people have a lack of vitamins, which results in less vital energy, immunity and can be a trigger for various health problems. A rabbit cocktail of fruits and vegetables is one of the ways to improve health and prevent health problems.
  2. Lettuce, spinach and kale can be a good basis for green cocktails because they contain high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Parsley or watercress can be added. Banana, avocado, mango or apple can be added to the green cocktail for children.
  3. A green cocktail can help regulate and lose body weight. It contains a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, healthy carbohydrates, minerals and fibers that help in weight loss. Green cocktails made from green vegetables help get rid of accumulated subcutaneous water, toxins and excess fat.
  4. Green cocktails give the body a large dose of antioxidants that support general health. They prevent premature aging and act preventively against many health problems. A smoothie containing carrots, oranges, tomatoes and peppers contains a lot of lycopene (which has anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects).
  5. A green smoothie is the easiest way to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. Many toxic substances accumulate in the human body every day. A green cocktail of spinach, lettuce and cabbage is an excellent drink for cleansing the liver and expelling toxins from the body.
  6. An indicator of good health is beautiful skin. A green smoothie is rich in fiber that helps flush out toxins from the body. You will notice after a certain time (and even several months because nothing works “immediately and overnight”) and drinking green cocktails that the skin is brighter, cleaner and healthier.
  7. Green cocktails significantly improve digestion. They contain nutrients that normalize the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. They help maintain normal microflora in the intestines.
  8. Green smoothie improves brain function. It improves cognitive functions, brain ability and memory and effectively reduces stress and anxiety.
  9. A green smoothie will strengthen your bones. The human body absorbs more calcium from cabbage than from milk (according to some scientific studies). The green cocktail contains a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that improve the health of bones and the skeletal system.
  10. A green smoothie is easy to make with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. You can also use cucumbers with skin, pears, green grapes, celery and other green fruits and vegetables. Mix the ingredients in a blender with water and you get healthy drinks for all generations and age groups.




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