Fly-boarding (adrenaline jet-powered movement) is a newer extreme sport

Flyboarding (adrenaline jet-powered movement) is a newer extreme sport
There are many legends about man flying and swimming like dolphins such as the ancient Greek legend of Daedalus’ son Icarus who had wings made of wax and feathers. Or the South American legend of man-dolphins. The newer extreme sport of flyboarding somewhat lives up to these ancient legends. The unusual machine allows people to easily fly above the water and dive into the depths of the water. They perform incredible stunts that leave the onlookers breathless.
Flyboarding is attached to the back and arms and is worn on the back. The machine has the power to throw a person (carrying the machine on his back) under the water in the manner of a diving dolphin or throw him 9 meters from the water giving the impression of elegant flying and gliding through the air. Flyboard is also called “wakeboard on steroids” because it goes beyond riding on the surface of the water using a board, cable car or boat.
Flyboarding gives the user the ability to move, bounce or glide through the air like the beautiful sea animals-dolphins. This was the initial idea of the innovator from Marseille, France, Frenki Zapata. Zapata is a top athlete, professional jet ski tracker and watercraft operator. Zapa explains that his device allows users to become adrenaline addicts of the flyboard due to the many amazing possibilities that the flyboard provides. Zapata came up with the idea of redirecting the stream of water through the pipe to the surfboard and thus the idea of the new sport “flyboard” was born. Several weeks passed from the creation of the idea to the realization of the project. A person had to master the skill of flying because the pilot-flyer is easily launched above the water surface using nozzles, hoses and valves.
Zapata’s idea is ingenious because it is an original water jet from which jet hoses come out, chased by water. Due to the high pressure, the water is pumped into a long hose that has similarities with the Irish Loch Ness monster. The hose is fixed to a rotating platform that floats on the water and follows the man-dolphin while doing stunts while constantly holding the handlebars in his hands (the handlebars are slightly smaller hoses and attached to the main hose). The direction of movement of the machine, an elegant launch above the water or a smooth dive and gliding through the water is selected by closing and opening the valve opening.
People who have tried the flyboard say that it does not require a lot of physical strength
It is important to have coordination of movements, good navigation in the water, a sense of balance and coordination, that is, practice works wonders.

Flyborad by Frenki Zapata has attracted huge interest from investors. Investors see the application of various and advanced versions of the flyboard in sports, medicine, military industry, the army, general healthcare and distribution. There is huge interest from American companies in Zapata’s invention because it fits into their visions of producing flying medical stretchers, flying motorcycles for the military and levitating cells.
The German company MS Watersports produces a kit called “Jetlev Flyer” which advertises with the slogan “feel the swimming of dolphins”) and whose price is EUR 99,900. The Jetlev Flyer has 4 engines, thick pipes in which the pressure is regulated. They say that it allows for efficient flight, crazy driving and navigation. The machine is designed for users between 150 cm and 200 cm tall, weighing between 40 kg and 150 kg. The manufacturer says that driving and flying this machine is more valuable than “showing off a Porsche, Mercedes and BMW combined”.

The high prices of water gadgets make it impossible for many people who like extreme sports to buy and try them. Fortunately, modern waterparks have many of these gagdets. One such is the award-winning “Waterworld” in Cyprus (Ayia Napa), whose slogan is “where myth becomes reality”. The names of various water attractions indicate a combination of ancient Greek mythology and modern water technologies (Poseidon’s wave pool, Fall into Atlantis, Flight of Icarus, Heraclitus’ pursuit, Aeolus’ whirlpool, Trojan adventure and the like).
Frenki Zapata is the inventor of the flyboard and also the constructor of the “flyboard air” device, which runs on 4 motors, each of which has 250 horsepower. It uses kerosene as fuel, which is placed in a backpack on the back. The pilot or driver controls the device using some type of joystick fixed to the wrist. Hoverboard or Flyboar air is similar to a UFO and the driver is similar to an alien on which gravity has no effect. This is the general impression of all the people who followed Zapata’s 2 km and 252 meter long hoverboard flight (which was also a world record, so Zapata was entered in the Guinness Book of Records). By the way, the hoverboard prototype is tested above the water to mitigate a possible fall (which happened to Zapata several times). It is interesting that the idea of a hoverboard or flying board (which some compare to a jet-powered skateboard without wheels) first appeared in the movie “Back to the Future” (as a futuristic model of transportation) by director Robert Zemekis and producer Steven Spielberg.

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