10 medicinal herbs for nerves (in the past very restless children were given dill seeds to chew)

10 medicinal herbs for nerves (in the past very restless children were given dill seeds to chew)

  1. Anise – contains essential oils, sugar and proteins. It relaxes, calms the nerves, relieves flatulence and cough and has an anti-depressant effect. Anise is most often prepared in the form of tea and is also used as a spice.
  2. St. John’s wort-hypericin (in St. John’s wort) relaxes and alleviates depressive moods (for example, in menopause). There is more happiness hormone (serotonin) in the brain due to the influence of St. John’s wort. It enables good sleep and mental freshness. Flavonoids (in St. John’s wort) calm tense nerves.
  3. Ginkgo – ginkgo leaves contain flavones and terpenlactones that improve blood circulation, help with reduced mental ability, exhausted nervous system and poor memory.
  4. Ginseng-substances containing ginseng stimulate the work of the immune system, increase the ability to concentrate, and strengthen nervous, physical and psychological endurance. Today, ginseng is successfully used against depressive moods and weakening of sexual desire.
  5. Hops – the fruits of hops contain bitter substances (humulin and lupulin) which, by oxidation, create the very effective essential oil methylbutenol (and they are the basis of the healing effect of hops). They have a calming effect on the central nervous system. Hops enable healthy sleep and alleviate climacteric complaints. It is used in the form of tea, in stuffing for sleeping pillows, and hops tincture and milk with hops can be used.
  6. Dill – dill oil calms tense nerves and stressful situations and induces sleep. In the past, very restless children were given dill seeds to chew.
  7. Lavender – contains essential oils linanol and camphor and tannin. Lavender has a relaxing effect, calms and strengthens the nerves. Essential oils are used, dried lavender, dried flowers and leaves are used to make scented pillows and teas. Lavender wine is also made.
  8. Melissa officinalis – Melissa was a very effective medicine for calming the nerves in ancient times and later also in Christian monasteries. It was also used against sleep disorders. Melissa is useful for all kinds of nervous disorders (and complaints with the stomach and intestines or the heart). It is used as a mild remedy against insomnia. Fresh lemon balm leaves smell like lemon and lift the mood.
  9. Valerian – bitter substances and essential oils (which contain valerian) work together on brain cells and reduce nervousness, stress and fear. Valerian is used in psychiatry against fears and mild depression. In domestic use, it is used for calming and as a sleeping aid. It is taken in the form of tea, tincture and tablets.
  10. Plantain – plantain seeds stimulate digestion, improve mood and give new strength in case of nervous exhaustion.










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