Unsprayed, pesticide-free lemon peel is good for the heart, while lemon softens food while preserving the food’s aroma

Unsprayed, pesticide-free lemon peel is good for the heart, while lemon softens food while preserving the food’s aroma
Lemon juice is a refreshing drink, mild antiseptic and astringent. The fresh outer part of the bark is an ingredient in various tinctures and extracts for making liqueurs. It is used as a sedative and antispasmodic.
Lemon is an excellent corrigent of taste and smell, as well as a harmless bitter aromatic and bitter tonic
All lemon ingredients (especially vitamin C) strengthen bones and connective tissue, protect against infections and reduce the tendency to rupture capillaries. They are especially important in protecting the gums.
Take lemon when using spinach as it enhances the assimilation of iron from spinach
Flavonoids from lemons are excellent antioxidants that protect cells from aging and enhance the action of vitamin C. Lemons also contain all B vitamins (which are essential for the nervous system). Lemon is rich in the minerals potassium and calcium. It relieves acidity in the internal organs after a meal full of meat or due to physical exertion.
It is useful to drink lemon juice against blood vessel diseases (varicose veins, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure)
Lemon mixed with honey helps against canker sores and angina, and diluted is used against ringworm and warts. Lemon oil extract has proven to be effective against nausea and headaches, while the seeds are effective against worms and the unsprayed peel is good for the heart. Cosmetic ingredients with lemon restore the natural matte tone to mixed or oily skin (due to astringent, antiseptic and disinfectant properties).
Lemon flower gives hair shine and is an ingredient in the best shampoos to enhance hair shine
Lemon juice is weaker than vinegar, so it is used in marinating vegetables, fish, crustaceans and white meat (pie, veal and turkey). Lemon softens the food and at the same time preserves the aroma of the food.

Homemade cosmetic recipes

  1. For the softness of the hands – every evening massage the hands with a mixture of lemon juice, glycerin and cologne in equal proportions.
  2. For white teeth, massage your teeth with lemon once a week.
  3. For a sore throat, dilute the squeezed lemon with a glass of warm water. Gargle three times a day for up to 3 minutes. A spoonful of sugar in which you drop a little St. John’s wort oil (or lavender oil or even edible oil) with a few drops of lemon is also good for the throat.
  4. Against a hangover – warm lemonade is a good remedy for a hangover.
  5. To expel pus (secretions) from the lungs, you need 100 grams of garlic and 100 grams of horseradish, 200 grams of lemon with peel, 50 grams of yarrow grass, 500 grams of young cow’s butter and 1 kilogram of honey. Chop the ingredients and mix. Take one tablespoon after meals three times a day.
  6. Lemon juice – destroys blood sugar, harmful acids and bacteria. The juice of 1 or 2 lemons (after or before meals) greatly helps and cures the liver and rheumatism. Mix the juice of 1 lemon with a pinch of salt and mix until it becomes a milky mass – this promotes stronger excretion of harmful substances (especially during spring), acts against the thickness and mucus of the digestive organs and stimulates the work of the heart and liver.
  7. Lemon should be taken all year round instead of vinegar because phosphorus revives the nerves, potassium heals the heart and kidneys, and calcium neutralizes oxalic acid. Lemon juice removes yellow stains on fingers from tobacco.
  8. Lemon bath – squeeze 2 lemons and 2 oranges and add half a liter of squeezed green tea, half a liter of milk and a cup of acacia honey and 10 drops of mandarin oil extract. Put in the bath water (vitamin C from citrus fruits will strengthen the skin, honey and milk will moisturize the skin, and green tea calms and softens).
  9. Removing brown spots on the skin of the hands – mix lemon juice, a spoonful of olive oil and a spoonful of parsley decoction. Apply the solution to your hands with a cotton ball. Leave for half an hour. Repeat the procedure twice a day. Lemon (with vitamin C) and parsley will brighten the skin and prevent blemishes. The oil renews the skin, making it smooth and soft.
  10. Lemon for hard heels – massage your feet with half a lemon every morning and evening. It will soon become smooth.
  11. Lemon against sweating hands – occasionally dip your hands in a bowl of warm water with a spoonful of baking soda and a few drops of lemon.
  12. Lemon cures hoarseness – consult a doctor if hoarseness lasts longer than a week. If you are often hoarse and lose your voice easily, then the causes can be various (smoking, frequent stay in a room with a lot of smoke, sudden changes in environmental temperature, frequent consumption of alcohol and carbonated cold drinks). Warm lemonade and tea with lemon are excellent remedies for hoarseness. If you used to smoke, then stop that tradition. Do not strain your throat because silence is golden at least until the hoarseness is cured.
  13. Against bunions on the legs (the so-called “corn’s eye”) – fresh lemon peel is applied and tied to the bunions on the legs, because they will fall off after a few days of this application.
  14. Lemon for better blood circulation – mix 100 grams of sea salt and 50 grams of camphor, juice of 2 lemons in half a liter of alcohol and add 1 liter of hot distilled water. Massage the body skin with the resulting liquid after showering.




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