Salt and olive oil peeling for a tight, wrinkle-free neck

Salt and olive oil peeling for a tight, wrinkle-free neck
Neck cosmetics do not take more time than washing with soap and water. The point is to change old habits and adopt new habits to make the neck smooth and graceful. All the beautiful things we use to care for our face are equally good for our neck.
The neck needs more fat than the face
You can smear the neck with lotions or milk after washing with soap and water. Distribute a certain amount of lotion in several small groups. Massage the neck with your right hand on the left side and with your left hand on the right side with stroking movements towards the beginning of the chest and shoulders. With the middle part of the neck, be especially careful because of the thyroid gland.
In the morning, refresh your neck with plenty of cold water and apply the lotion
Or after refreshing yourself with cold water, apply some emulsion (which will not leave greasy stains because the neck immediately absorbs the greasy cream/lotion/emulsion). Even the first wrinkles on the face and neck will not disappear with a wave of the hand, but they need double (and even triple) care than before. Put the mask on your face and definitely on your neck.
The neck likes an upright and flexible gait, tense the back, pull the shoulders back, pull in the stomach and raise the head high (but not unnaturally and compressed, but completely free and relaxed). Exercise by daily walking, strolling, any movement. It is good for the neck and the whole body, from digestion to the spine.
The neck does not like thick pillows but a smaller pillow and sleep as flat as possible without any lifting
Place the pillow under your feet instead of under your head
This way will relieve the legs and prevent the stagnation of circulation. Sleeping on your stomach will ensure that your neck is nicely stretched and your chin is not pressed against your chest.

  1. Once a week, put an oil compress on your neck and keep it for half an hour
    Clean the neck first with milk or lotion. Then apply heated vitamin oil or olive oil in a water bath. Place a moist, warm bandage over it, which you will cover with foil. Another wool scarf goes over it. This oil wrap should only work for a maximum of half an hour. Repeat the procedure if you see that your neck is responding well.
  2. The neck receives well alternating hot/cold compresses. Stack two smaller towels lengthwise. You need 2 bowls, one for hot water or vegetable juice and the other for cold water. Apply compresses alternately and finish the procedure with a cold compress.
  3. Peeling with salt and olive oil – start regularly applying cream for firming the skin on the neck (as soon as you notice the first signs of aging and to prevent/alleviate skin sagging). Make a peeling every 15 days with fine table salt and olive oil. The skin will be soft, smooth and elastic. In winter, be sure to use a protective cream.
  4. It is recommended to use a cream with vitamins (because it promotes moisturizing and slows down the formation of wrinkles on the neck) for very dry skin.
  5. Massage your neck every evening by tapping the skin with your fingertips from bottom to top and vice versa, as this increases circulation. Apply the nourishing cream after 10 minutes.


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