Marjoram goes well with basil and rosemary (dried marjoram is added at the beginning of cooking and fresh at the end of cooking)

Marjoram goes well with basil and rosemary (dried marjoram is added at the beginning of cooking and fresh at the end of cooking)
Marjoram is also called tame marjoram or garden marjoram. It belongs to the Laminaceae family. In warm areas, it is an annual or biennial plant. It has a thin forked root from which erect stems grow. The stems are 50 cm to 80 cm high and abundantly semi-bushly branched. Young shoots are hairy and gray-green, while older stems are bare and brown. The leaves are sessile opposite or elliptic, hairy with smooth edges and on a short petiole. Groups of 7 to 9 white, yellow, green, pink or purple flowers form at the top of the stem in the axils of the leaves. The fruit is small, oval but slightly irregular in shape. The fruit is yellow-brown.
The whole plant has a pleasant smell due to the essential oil with a content of 0.8%-1.5%
Bees love marjoram because of its pleasant smell and long-lasting flowering. The seeds of the plant are germinating for 2 to 3 years. It sprouts in 3 weeks outdoors and in one to two weeks it will sprout sown in the hatchery. It grows slowly and flowers only in 30 to 40 days. After that period, it quickly branches out and develops. The flowering of the plant begins at the end of June and lasts for a month. The plant is mowed at the beginning of flowering and blooms again during August (if there is enough rainfall in July).
All above-ground parts of marjoram are medicinal and are harvested during flowering

  1. Marjoram is a herb and the ground and dried aerial part of the plant is used
  2. Marjoram has a pleasant smell, increases appetite, calms the nerves and is used against stomach pain, asthma, catarrh of the respiratory organs, cough, sprains, sprained joints, rheumatism, gout, hay fever, sneezing, inflammatory conditions of the tongue, nasal and oral cavity , painful monthly cycles.
  3. Marjoram cleans the lungs and stomach and improves circulation.
  4. Marjoram essential oil is used in the meat industry.
  5. It is often combined with other spices. Marjoram and thyme are great combinations with offal dishes (liver). Marjoram and juniper fruit are used in meat and game dishes. Marjoram is used in soups, stews, poultry and potato dishes, sauces and pates. Finely dosed marjoram is used in fish dishes.
  6. Marjoram goes well with basil and rosemary. Fresh marjoram is more aromatic. Fresh marjoram is added to dishes at the end because it loses its aroma after longer cooking.
  7. Dried marjoram is used as a whole plant (with stem and flower). Dried marjoram is added at the beginning of cooking.
  8. Crushed fresh marjoram leaves are placed on painful places and a cotton bandage is placed over them.


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