Red, green, yellow and orange food and their connection to diseases

Red, green, yellow and orange food colors and their connection to diseases

  1. Red food – red-colored foods encourage dynamism, while intensely red food can increase nervousness. It is better to use red foods in moderation because the color red increases hunger.
  2. Green food – green food is the color of nature that brings calm. The greens on the plate can help to slow down the rhythm if the person normally eats food too quickly, ie by swallowing instead of chewing.
  3. Yellow food – this is the color loved by people who usually eat a lot. It is useful to eat yellow foods during the change of seasons and in stressful situations to restore strength to the body. Digestion will be better if the area where we eat is dominated by yellow.
  4. Orange food – orange is the color of vitality. It should be clearly visible on the plate because it helps people who have digestive problems. Orange food is loved by enthusiasts and intuitive people.
  5. Diabetes loves apples and bananas in small quantities – apples are the best fruit for diabetics (because they contain fructose, that is, sugar that is absorbed without insulin). At the same time, the apple is rich in pectin, which keeps the level of glucose in the blood and glycemia under control by regulating the absorption of sugar. Bananas are also recommended in small quantities. Bananas are only rich in starch (if they are not too ripe) which is easily released in the body.
  6. Cystitis and blueberry juice – a person should drink a lot of blueberry juice to alleviate the symptoms of cystitis, and moderate consumption of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants is recommended.
  7. Kidney stones do not like spinach – a person should not eat spinach if they have kidney stones.
  8. Insomniacs love pineapples and grapes – if a person suffers from insomnia, then it is advisable to eat (before going to bed) pineapples and grapes (because they increase the concentration of sugar in the blood).
  9. Digestion loves grapes – people who have problems with digestion (constipation) should eat grapes (because grapes stimulate digestion).
  10. Plums and kiwi are also great choices because they stimulate digestion.

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