Do energy cleaning of your home

When we step through our home’s threshold, sometimes we energized and summery, and sometimes exhausted, difficult and nervous. Even when your home is perfectly cleaned, it’s necessary to clean it thorugh the energy level from time to time.

We can use eastern practice and remove negativity from the living space by burning aromatic herbs like the Palo Santo tree or sage, which is easier to procure.

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How to clean your home?

Burn a few dry leaves of sage or sage stem and bring the burning plant through all the rooms at home to break negative and severe vibrations. All windows should be open, and the air in the house is cleaned. When you have finished slaughtering, thank your space and if you want you can pray, for example, for peace and love in your home. This ritual of cleaning should be repeated several times a year.

You can perform energy cleaning in many ways. Choose the way you like it most. Before cleaning, calm down, pray or meditate. Do not start cleaning upset or when you do not have enough time. It’s best to work in the morning, but it’s not a requirement. It is only important that you do not perform cleaning at night.

Before energy cleaning, the rooms should be physically cleaned. Show respect to your place. After cleaning, it is necessary to take a shower.


  1. Candles

Light up the candles and let it go up during cleaning. You can carry them all over the house to burn negativity. Leave them for some time up in the corners.

  1. Incense

The incense balls should melt. You can light it on a pan, which you will wear later in space. It is best to have one refractory, metal or clay bowl solely for that purpose in which you will burn coal and put incense on it. In the same bowl you can put sage and burn it like other aromatic herbs.

  1. Water

Leave a glass bottle filled with water in the sun for several hours and spray the space with such energized water.

  1. Salt

Sprinkle it on the floor, especially at all angles. In other words, energy is moving circularly and usually bypasses the angle itself. Just as most dusts will always be found in the corners, salt will the energy stagnating right there. Leave the salt to stand for 24 hours, then suck it and throw the vacuum bag. Salt absorbs negative energy, so it’s not good to stand too long in the room because the same energy will be radiated outward after a while.

  1. Bells

Use ringtones, whose sound is long tilted. Ring around the whole house. Instead of ringing, you can use a Tibetan bowl, even some spiritual music from a CD, or you can clap in the room.

After returning from a trip or vacation, we often find a somewhat drowsy home. The rising of the air trapped behind tightly closed windows is only external, our senses have a manifestation of a more subtle phenomenon – in our home the energy has stopped, heavy and unhealthy.

The weight of quarrels, illness, sorrow …

And our body and our place has its energetic life – it is full and empty. In it, energy circulates. As our energy depends on what we eat, feel and think, our space is exquisite in what we bring in – the emotions, beliefs and conditions of its present or former tenants, as well as environmental influences. If you are sensitive, you must have felt a sort of charge in your life when you entered a place where some quarrel was played or you felt the weight where someone was grieving or been sick for a long time.

This weight can be permanently settled in parts of your home and cause discomfort in you. If you believe the law is “similarly attracted similarly” and that “similar eat similar food”, bad vibrations in your home could draw more negativity. Fortunately, as we can wipe dust, suck home and spice it well, and we can drive negative energy out of the house. Although the methods of energy purification of space bind to the East and its philosophy there, it is true that all parts of the world and many religions once knew these rituals, but the knowledge of them eventually disappeared. It is only in the East that it fosters, so it is, for example, an integral part of the feng shui, the energy of the spatial planning of space.

Even in our areas, the home was once cleaned by energy

“In the past, our homes were ritually cleaned in our area. Usually before the big festivals, the homes were physically cleaned, and the women burned aromatic plants at the fireplace, and even threw fireballs into the fire and thus cleaned and consecrated the space, preparing it to welcome divine energy. And the sanctification of the houses that the priests perform today was once a form of energy cleaning. Incense priests force evil forces. It is not said in vain that “the devil escapes from incense”. Today, sail houses are seldom cleaned as they consecrate them. Cleaning of space was once part of the universal knowledge of the interweaving of the visible and invisible world.

Previously, we had a different attitude towards the home. Parts of the home were dedicated to the higher forces or whatsoever you like to call them. You may know some older people who have some kind of altars where they are at their homes. The candles are often inflamed on them, and fire is one of the ways we can destroy it, i.e. burn off the adverse energy, and respect and attract a positive one. The natives leave the central part of the house empty, consecrating that space to meditation and prayer that create positive energy.

Salt, bell, water …

If we use the preserved knowledge, we can create a part of that atmosphere always. Energy-purification of space is the most important step in home decoration and should be preceded by all other interventions. It is like building on a sound foundation. We can clean with different methods, use one or more of them, rarely and thoroughly or often and a bit. The methods of cleaning, according to Feng Shui, are related to elements in nature. Salt belongs to the earth and, sprinkled over space, absorbs negative energy. Fire, for example, from the burning candles, burns negativity. Ignoring certain plants, such as incense and sage whose fragrances permeate space, belong to the air, and the sound is to the metal. The sound of the bells, often used in cleansing, scatters or cuts down negative stagnant energy, while dedicated or energized water rinses.


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for this beautiful blog. I love having a peaceful and calm space, and I meditate and place the Light here regularly. I never thought of spraying my home with water resting in the sun! Great. Have a blessed day and weekend. ~Debbie

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    • Dear Debbie, You are very welcome,…Yes me too, it is good to try something new and also from time to time learn something new,…I will also try some of these myself ….Many warm regards from Sarajevo, Amela

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I need to incorporate more of this in my life. I’ve always been interested in how a home and its atmosphere can affect your life. I tried my hand at some feng shui but never totally understood what I was doing. I do space clearing sometimes with a sage stick. It always seems to relax the overall atmosphere. Glad I found this post. I am going to try a few of these ideas tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear “View Life Differently”, Yes You are right …I also myself try to look at my home from some another angle and to keep it efficient as much as possible. Close to my home there is a Home for the elderly, for example, when I collect some magazines/books I give those to them,…I know they have a free time every day and love to read printed materials rather that to play video games or use some technical gadgets…small acts can change our life forever…..

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  3. I came across this blog and I have learned so much about adding energy in our home. Yes, cleaning our homes should not be pleasant only in the eye. It must preserve a harmony in the things around us.


    • Dear “SparklingClean”,
      Thanks a lot for your nice comment. You are right, cleaning of home is so relaxing and there is always something new to learn.

      My best regards from Sarajevo,



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