Vertical gardens for small spaces where we can grow flowers and herbs

Growing flowers, plants or herbs is a noble hobby that has a positive effect on spiritual balance. The vertical garden system is becoming more popular for the cultivation of flowers and vegetable products. Vertical gardens are suitable for small outdoor rooms or balconies where with little effort the entire wall can become a garden.
An old Indian proverb says that “every person who wants to be happy all their life should grow flowers.” It takes patience, old plastic bottles (secondary use of recycling materials is always a positive gesture), buying ground for flower bags and a few plants. A plant that is not demanding, thrives in semi-shade, is resistant to cold is “day and night”.
8 steps for organizing a vertical wall garden:
1. Buy a garden tool (shovel, rake) tailored to the dimensions of your patio or garden.
2. Sharp scissors and a marker pen for marking are an integral part of all DIY projects.
3. Select the transparent plastic bottle or used colored plastic bottle. Fine and multicolored gravel as a substrate for soil and plants will give good visual effect.
4. Prepare a rope, decorative strips, or pieces of multicolored wool (if you can) that will be strong enough to hold a plastic bottle with a plant on the wall.
5. Mark the 4 points that mark the 4 corners of the plant opening.
6. Cut the rectangular opening with sharp scissors in the middle of the plastic bottle. Make sure the bottle stays firm, does not twist or leave enough plastic on the side.
7. Fill the bottle with soil.
8. Carefully plant the plants into the openings of the bottles that you have filled with purchased soil. Press them firmly. Water carefully because the bottle has no bulging holes at the bottom (to drain excess water).
After you have filled the soil with a few plastic bottles and planted flowers, herbs and spices in them. Start by hanging the bottle on the wall. With your imagination and space available, you will quickly attach all bottles to the wall. Take care when hanging bottles on the wall as not all plants like sunlight or constant darkness. Recently, this technique has been popular for planting herbs on balconies. Fresh harvested herbs always take precedence over dried herbs. You can sow incense, chives, basil, oregano and more.
cover photo

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