Propolis is a natural substance and immunostimulator

Patients who complain to the pharmacist about the decline in immunity and seek a solution in natural preparations, will often receive a product based on propolis from the pharmacist. Propolis is a complex mixture of chemicals produced by bees. Bees mix their saliva with resins and pollen that they collect from the flowers of plants. Bees use propolis as a natural glue for cracks in the hive and a balm to treat diseased individuals. Bees also use propolis to mummify dead bees in the hive.
Propolis has a proven anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect
Raw propolis is a sticky substance. It has a yellow to red color. Propolis has a complex chemical composition of up to 100 different compounds. It contains a high percentage of beeswax, resin, essential oils, pollen and minerals. The content of propolis changes depending on the primary diet of bees and the bee climate. Extracts containing 10 to 40% propolis are used for medicinal purposes. Propolis extract is used due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. The mechanism of action has not been precisely determined. However, the healing properties of propolis have been repeatedly demonstrated and scientifically documented. The protein component of propolis resin is thought to contain bio-active peptides. Peptides are secreted by bees to protect themselves from pathogens of their environment. Propolis has a proven anti-inflammatory and mild anesthetic effect. Propolis can be described as a natural complex of minerals and active proteins mixed with wax and plant esters. This compound is easily metabolized by human metabolism. May have immuno-stimulatory effects.
Medicinal drops of propolis
Medicinal drops of propolis have the widest application. The drops are usually taken orally as a preventive measure in two to three daily doses. Drops are used as a dietary supplement in some chronic diseases. There are drops of different strengths on the market. There is a combination of propolis with herbs (marshmallow, buckthorn, echinacea, mint, basil or chamomile).
Propolis-based products on the market
Entire collections of propolis-based products can be found in pharmacies. Medicinal honeys with a high content of propolis and plant seeds are used as a dietary supplement to regulate the immune response. Propolis-based compressed lozenges are applied by dissolving in the mouth in inflammatory conditions of the throat. Throat sprays are used for the same purpose. The sprays contain extracts of propolis, sage and mint. Preparations that do not contain alcohol extract are used for children. Nasal sprays usually contain a combination of non-alcoholic propolis and sea salt solution. They are used in chronic sinusitis and atrophy of the nasal mucosa, which occurs due to the extensive use of nasal drops.
Capsules for oral use can be found in pharmacies. They contain dry and standardized extracts of propolis. They are used to boost immunity in combination with other therapies. Propolis is used in cough products (powder for oral use or complex cough syrups).

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