Recommendations for reading in January 2021

1.”How To Stay Sane in an Age of Division” (by Elif Şafak) – is a novel by one of the most widely read contemporary authors. Our age is an age of contagious anxiety. We feel overwhelmed by the events around us, by injustice, by suffering, by an endless sense of crisis. How then can we nurture the parts of ourselves that hope, trust, and believe in something better? And how can we stay sane in times of division? Author Shafak gives us a small but powerful manifesto to help us stay in mind in this age of division. We believe this is why this title is one of the most sought after literary titles.

2.”The Wild Symphony” (by Dan Brown) – is an interactive picture book that represents a special reading experience. It introduces the youngest readers to the world of literature.
In the picture book, the playful Mestro Miš holds the baton in his hands. He takes readers to visit his animal friends (cheetah, kangaroo, elephants and blue whales). Each beautifully illustrated page is dedicated to one animal. It offers a piece of life wisdom. These pieces will inspire conversations about compassion, patience, respect and self-confidence, and attention, a comfortable life and community. Susan Batori’s illustrations are imbued with humor adapted to children. For curious readers of all ages, additional clues and puzzles are hidden in the colorful backgrounds.
3.Midnight Sun (by Stephenie Meyer) – Meyer is the author of the novels Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Dawn, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. She published a long-awaited sequel about the love of (be) mortal Belle and vampire Edward. In the first week after the publication of the original, as many as a million copies were sold. Thus, the book initially became a bestseller. One of the most anticipated sequels to a literary series. It is a story that describes the events of Twilight from Edward’s optics (the novel after which the whole series was named). There is no doubt that Twilight-mania continues. Teenage hysteria began in 2005 with the publication of the novel Twilight. It has grown into a pop-cultural global phenomenon. Fans even slept in tents in front of bookstores to welcome the next sequel. After the first film began breaking box office records, enthusiastic viewers procured everything related to books and film. Even beds with a cardboard replica of Robert Pattinson.
4.The novels of the Twilight series are contemporary classics about true and almost impossible love between high school student Belle Swan and vampire Edward Cullen. They have captivated millions of readers around the world. They pushed the boundaries of the youth literature genre. An unforgettable story of immortal love between Belle and vampire Edward. In “Midnight Sun” he gets a new and dark turn. All novels to date have been written from Bella’s perspective. Now we finally read Edward’s story. Meeting Bella is the most poignant and unusual event Edward has experienced in his vampire life. New and fascinating details about his past and the depth of his thoughts reveal to us why his love for Bella is the greatest test in his life. If Edward follows heart and longing, he will put Bella in danger.
With the series of novels by Stephenie Meyer, she redefined the determinants of horror with vampires. She completed a process started by Anne Rice who injected vampires with seduction. It implements supernatural vampire and werewolf powers into the field of teenage literature. Stephenie Meyer, with her playful style, managed to create a work that has gained the status of a literary phenomenon and magically attracts new readers. The series has been translated into 37 languages.

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