Hibiscus is the best natural Botox (10 uses)


The hibiscus flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Another name is “Chinese rose”. The color of the flower is from light yellow to darker red. There are more than 130 cultivated species. Hibiscus species can be cultivated, wild and annual (or perennial). Hibiscus tea contains citric acid and hibiscus acid. It also contains powerful antioxidants (anthocyanins, flavonoids, pectin and phytosterols). It contains small amounts of iron, amino acids and vitamin C. For a cup of hibiscus tea you will need 2 dcl of water and one teaspoon of dried hibiscus flower. The dried flower should be poured over with boiled water. Leave to stand for about 15 minutes. Then strain. Drink in sips (with honey and lemon).

To straighten wrinkles on the face, soak a piece of cotton cloth / gauze in tea. This cleanses your face daily. After only a few applications, the difference is noticeable. It tightens the face perfectly and slightly removes wrinkles.

Lowers cholesterol-Hibiscus tea helps reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol from the body, thus protecting the body from heart disease. Blood vessels are protected from damage. The hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties of this tea can be useful for those who suffer from blood sugar disorders (diabetes). Research conducted on patients with type 2 diabetes has shown that consuming this tea lowers cholesterol and triglycerides which helps manage this unpredictable disease. Protects the liver-antioxidant properties of hibiscus tea help treat liver disease. They help protect the body because they neutralize free radicals present in body tissues and cells. It actually improves the overall health of the body. Helps against cancer-hibiscus tea contains prototoxic acid which has anti-tumor and antioxidant properties. Hibiscus slows the growth of cancer cells, strengthens the body and alleviates the effects of cancer on the body.

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent-hibiscus is rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Vitamin C is an essential nutrient of the body that stimulates and stimulates the activity of the immune system. Due to the properties of this vitamin, it protects against infections, colds and flu. It can also be used to treat discomfort caused by fever. Relieves pain during a woman’s menstrual cycle – one of the benefits of hibiscus tea for women is relief from cramps and menstrual pain. It helps to restore hormonal balance, which can reduce the symptoms of the menstrual cycle. It will reduce mood swings and depression.

Great against depression and anxiety- due to vitamins and minerals like flavonoids consuming hibiscus tea calms the nervous system. It is used to reduce anxiety, stress and depression as it calms the mind and body. Improves digestion – encourages more frequent urination and better intestinal peristalsis. It has diuretic properties. It can be used to treat constipation. It will also help improve the health of the entire gastrointestinal system. This reduces the chances of getting colon cancer. Weight loss improves digestion and is useful for weight loss. After consuming foods rich in carbohydrates, drink hibiscus tea. Studies have shown that hibiscus extract reduces the absorption of starch and glucose and helps in weight loss. It stops the production of amylase, which helps in the absorption of carbohydrates and starch. For this reason, you will find hibiscus extract in many weight loss supplements. Lowering blood pressure – in prehypertension or hypertension, especially in the elderly, hibiscus tea is a real natural remedy. It has antioxidant properties. It can lower blood pressure by almost 10 units. It is necessary to drink about three cups of tea a day.


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