Cosmetic products that should be kept in the refrigerator

Mini beauty refrigerators became a favorite item to store products about a few years ago. This small device is available in different colors, designs and price segments. Beauty refrigerators have undeniable photogenicity and practical advantages, because some cosmetic products simply require a certain temperature regime. If you do not plan to buy a special refrigerator for beauty, it is recommended that you keep certain cosmetics in the usual refrigerator.

Medical cosmetics – for people who use medicinal cosmetics (for acne, rosacea, etc.) it is known that by heating the active substance in cosmetics is destroyed. Medicinal cosmetics lose their effectiveness if kept at room temperature.

Products that contain vitamin C-Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant – it hydrates the skin, gives it a natural glow and effectively fights the external signs of aging. A product with vitamin C that is kept at room temperature, such a product will be destroyed almost instantly. There will be no cosmetic effect.

Natural cosmetics-Lovers of everything organic should be doubly careful. If the cosmetics are made from completely natural ingredients, high temperatures are fatal. Store natural remedies in a cool place and preferably in the dark.

Anti-edema products – patches, creams, lotions, serums – everything designed to relieve swelling from the face should be in a cool place. The active ingredients significantly increase their effectiveness at temperatures below 10 ℃.

Perfume- Storing perfume on a dresser, or worse, in a hot, humid bathroom is not desirable. Due to sunlight and high temperatures, chemical compounds in perfumes oxidize, they can lose their aroma or the aroma changes beyond recognition.


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