Irritability can be reduced and treated at home

Irritability is often a symptom of long-term and chronic stress. The causes can be food, learned behavior (a model of emotional reaction adopted in childhood) and external sources (constant violation of an individual’s boundaries, economic problems, or what is constantly enough at a given moment).
Exercise is sometimes not enough Irritability attacks can be reduced or eliminated by changing your lifestyle:

  1. On all days including the weekend, lie down and get up at the same time.
  2. Reduce coffee / alcohol consumption.
  3. Park meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, physical exercises and positive visualization.
  4. Use foods high in fat (avocado, fish, nuts, olive and coconut oil)
  5. Avoid sugars, technologically processed products, semi-finished products that are heated in the microwave.
  6. A 4-4-4-4 breathing exercise helps a lot. It is the most effective exercise against irritability attacks. As soon as you feel irritability inhale slowly counting to 4 and hold your breath in the upper point also counting to 4. Then exhale after counting to 4 and hold the same amount in the lower point. Do this exercise five to 10 times in a row. Then transfer the thoughts from the irritant to something more pleasant.
  7. Imagine anger entering you as a beam of negative energy. Then imagine that energy descending to your feet and going to the ground.
  8. Reducing an opponent’s growth is an exercise in which the opponent is imagined as a piece of land whose voice becomes weaker. The result of the exercise is that the opponent will be less significant and influential.
  9. Visualization is an exercise in expressing negativity against an opponent / irritant. Express in your mind the negativity and your feelings towards the person who is causing the irritability. This is acceptable when a person cannot show their anger in public or under the assumption that anger will exacerbate an already tense situation. The result is liberation from anger whereby the individual risks nothing.

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