Psyllium flakes-superfood for healthy intestinal flora

Psyllium flakes-superfood for healthy intestinal flora
Psyllium husks are the seeds of the plant Plantago ovata which originates from India. Psyllium is known as Indian buckthorn. These seeds are the main source of fiber to maintain a functional and healthy intestinal flora. In 100 grams of psyllium is even more than 80 grams of fiber.
  1. The seeds can be used in all dishes that need density and volume (for coagulating soup, for making unleavened breads and pastries, for making face masks, for the weight loss process, etc.).
  2. Psyllium husks are a good substitute for carbohydrates. People who have a gluten intolerance probably already know that psyllium does not contain gluten naturally, so it is suitable for use in the diet.
  3. Psyllium seeds can be taken once a day 5-10 grams per day (or one to two teaspoons). It is best to dissolve the seeds immediately with water and drink them because a gelatinous mass is formed quickly.
  4. The volume increases up to 15 times more when using psyllium seeds. This means that drinking a large amount of water during the day is mandatory when consuming flakes. Otherwise, the treatment is useless or counterproductive.
  5. Take one to two teaspoons of psyllium seeds in 2 dcl of milk (oat, rice, coconut or almond milk). Heat the milk to make it comfortable to drink. Add psyllium. Stir and leave for about ten minutes for the seeds to swell. Season with cinnamon, vanilla, ginger or honey – as desired.
  6. Do not take other medicines, supplements, minerals and vitamins at the same time as psyllium seeds, as this will prevent psyllium from being absorbed. Keep the interval about 3 hours between the use of seeds and other tablets / medicines. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before using this herbal remedy.
  7. The use of psyllium seeds is not recommended for people who have obstructions in the digestive system. It is also not recommended for people who use medication for cholesterol and diabetes.
  8. Psyllium can be used as a mild and natural laxative. One tablespoon of psyllium contains about 5 grams of fiber. Ideally, a person needs 25 grams to 30 grams of fiber per day, which is an unattainable number for most people.
  9. Psyllium can be used for detoxification treatments because it naturally cleanses the intestines of toxins.

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