Magic Touch Natural Cosmetics (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Magic Touch cosmetic brand from Bosnia and Herzegovina is a brand of spa products, beauty and personal care products. This brand of natural cosmetics is a blend of nature, knowledge, experience, creative vision and love. These are the basic ingredients woven into all products of the Magic Touch brand for face, body and hair care. more on

One of the solid hair shampoos of the Magic Touch brand was awarded a gold medal in Nigeria at the World Innovation Exhibition @ociipnigeria. It is intended for sensitive scalp and scalp prone to neurodermatitis (such as psoriasis, saborrhea, atopic dermatitis, eczema, dandruff and excessive hair loss).

The product is handmade from the finest ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the scalp. the products are fragrant and so gentle that babies can use them as well as all those who want to have beautiful, well-groomed, healthy and shiny hair.The composition of this product is patented by the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also available
➡️ Solid shampoo for thin and oily hair
➡️ Fruity shampoo for dry, damaged, colored, brittle and brittle hair and
➡️ Vitamin shampoo for faster hair growth

Magic Touch brand Address:

Žrtava domovinskog rata 01-B1, Cazin,

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mobile contact: +387 63 522 876

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