Elvis Presley is a legend who lives forever


Elvis Presley is a legend who lives forever
Quite a number of people from all over the world believe that Elvis Presley is still alive even though he would be 87 today. At one time, the BBC conducted a survey in 2007 which showed that 7% of Americans (about 20 million people) do not believe that the king of rock and roll has died. Proponents of the conspiracy theory believe that Elvis simulated his own death. One theory is that Elvis is on a protected witness program and works for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. In this capacity, Elvis travels the world and is therefore occasionally seen in various parts of the planet. As irrefutable evidence of manipulation, they state that his name was misspelled on the grave (Aaaron instead of Aaron), that the coffin was too heavy or too light depending on the version of the story, that shortly before his death in mid-flight he sang Blue Christmas to inform fans personal life. Eccentric admirers of Elvis say he was abducted by aliens and there are those who give free rein to the imagination. Whatever the belief of the people today, the fact remains that Elvis Priestley lives on today with songs many of which are big wills of rock and roll.
Elvis Presley in statistics

  1. Elvis Presley is the most successful solo singer in history with over a billion vinyl records sold.
  2. 150 albums and singles that have been certified by the official association of the record industry as “golden long play”, “platinum long play” and “multiple platinum long play”.
  3. 149 is the number of Elvis ’long play or single songs that were among the top 100 on the US charts.
  4. 31 is the number of films in which Elvis has starred.
  5. 40 is the number of countries in which Elvis had a concert “Elvis-Aloha from Hawaii” transmitted via satellite. The concert was watched in more American households than the transmission of the first man’s landing on the moon. It is estimated that more than a billion and a half people around the world were watching Elvis at the time.
  6. 625 is the number of Elvis fan clubs in 45 countries.
  7. 85,000 is a bunch of estimated impersonators of Elvis Priestley.
  8. 600,000 is the number of people who come every year on pilgrimage to Graceland, ie to the Elvis house where he lived for 20 years and which in 2006 was included in historical monuments.
  9. 500,000,000 is the number of commemorative postage stamps with the image of Elvis printed by the American Post.



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