The famous therapy of 38 fragrant shades of flowers by Dr. Edward Bach

The famous therapy of 38 fragrant shades of flowers by Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach developed the doctrine of harmony of body and spirit and based on this doctrine the therapy of 38 fragrant shades of flowers. Dr. Bach was admired and respected around the world.
The English physician, microbiologist and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach was convinced of the importance of the harmony of mind and body. He devoted ten years of his life to the study of emotions and the search for the connection between the moral and the physical. Dr. Bach established a typology of 38 types of negative emotions by exploring these connections between mind and body. These 38 negative emotions are the real source of illness – according to Dr. Bach. These emotions have a double effect on the body: they cause disease or increase the duration and length of the disease.
Since the 1930s, Dr. Bach has been trying to discover herbs that heal negative emotions. He made 38 preparations that were named “Bach flowers”. Dr. Bach died in 1936. His works and way of thinking are still relevant. Bach flowers have developed in recent decades in Germany, England and Switzerland, where the purveyors of Dr. Bach are known as “flower therapists”. Purchasers are highly valued. In France, they have a work permit, but they do not have a special reputation.
Dr. Bach’s therapeutic doctrine is based on the fact that man is simultaneously part of universal principles and that man is an individual with his own characteristics and needs. The moral “I” acts as a mediator between them. Man should convey the mission to the individual, which Bach calls “the virtues of our highest nature”. The realization of these virtues in the form of potential leads to the flourishing of the personality. Their cancellation causes an imbalance that is marked by flaws. And there are the causes of all diseases – according to Dr. Bach. Shocks (physical and psychological), on the other hand, make the body more sensitive.
The patient needs to know that there is an imbalance in the body – in order to be cured. The doctor should help the patient to understand the essence of this imbalance, so he will give him simple answers.
In the conversation with the patient, the doctor’s deep compassion is decisive for discovering negative emotions (which are the cause of the disease), but also floral essential oils that suit the patient and help faster healing.
Obligations of the therapist during a session with Dr. Bach flower drops
With the help of a questionnaire, the energy balance is first established. According to the established order, one goes over all emotional shocks during life. The flower therapist then chooses 2 or 3 Bach flowers. The first results are visible after 3 weeks. The treatment lasts a long time during the crisis (from 1 to 4 days), and the total treatment is from one to 2 months.
Other therapies can be used because the flower does not prevent their application.
Individual combinations of essential oils from these and other plants are also made depending on personality and functional disorders.
People who are under a lot of stress or are desperate are given a preparation that contains several flower essences (Star of Bethlehem, white cherry, sunflower, white vine). It works immediately. It stabilizes the nervous system. In addition, it puts the patient in a good state of receptivity.
Bach flowers are herbal preparations that are easy to prepare. The plants are first thoroughly soaked in water. The plants are dried and left in the sun. The plants are then cooked. The resulting essence is a base that is poured into a bottle. Bach’s greatest merit is seeing the patient’s condition as a whole. It goes without saying that Bach therapy is not a substitute for medical therapy. It can only accompany medical therapy and even help with psychotherapy.
Bach flowers are easy to use and are intended for everyone
Dr Bach’s therapy with flowers become a kind of challenge and fun for many people. In European countries, Bach flowers are sold in health food stores.
There are as many medicines as there are negative emotions. Doctor Bach made 38 flower medicines which he divided into 7 groups.

  1. The first group of plants is intended for frightened people. Includes white cherry blossom, red chestnut blossom and sunflower.
  2. The second group is for insecure people. Their diseases are treated with prickly yellow fever, heather and gladiolus.
  3. The third group of flowers is for listless people and people without any interests. They are suitable for white vines, honeysuckle, pomegranate, sweet chestnut and sweet chestnut bud.
  4. The fourth group is lonely people. In the treatment of diseases, they should use violet and false heather.
  5. The fifth group is pliable people. Turika, walnut and holly are for them.
  6. The sixth group is hopeless people. Pine, elm and chestnut help.
  7. The seventh group is excessively caring people. Even when they are sick, these people care about the well-being of others. For these people are the water drinker and the flower of the vine.

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