10 tips for independent thorough cleaning of rooms in the home

10 tips for independent thorough cleaning of rooms in the home
Hygienic products with silicone successfully remove stains from furniture Thorough cleaning of all rooms in the home occurs after measuring one’s own strength and making an acceptable plan. However, if we follow the advice and be practical, then every cleaning will go without a mistake.

  1. The housewife (and if she has the possible help of a family member) should spread the general cleaning over several days. It is good to set a budget for the eventual purchase of cleaning products and equipment (brushes, cloths, etc.). Find out the names of new products for cleaning and polishing floors (pastes, gels, liquids, etc.). Make a list of the most necessary resources. Create a cleaning plan for each room in the home. Think in advance about the type of work and cleaning time if you call a service woman. Check the correctness of the vacuum cleaner and other electrical devices (helpers) for cleaning.
  2. Silicone-based products are best for removing stains from furniture. There are various liquids for cleaning painted furniture, bathtubs, shower cabins and ceramics, electric stoves, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, nickel pipes and the like.
  3. In a home with several rooms, it is recommended to first clean the bedroom and bathroom, then the hallway, children’s room, living room and dining room, and then the kitchen. However, that order can be different, that is, adapted to the way of life and the layout of the rooms in the home.
  4. First empty all the drawers (wardrobes and desks) in the room you are starting to clean. Wipe the inside of each drawer with a cloth dipped in water. Then polish the wooden drawers with silicone-based wax (as soon as the drawers are dry after the first wipe). At the same time, throw out all the little things and unnecessary items that only clutter up the space. You can line the drawers in the children’s room and kitchen with polyvinyl or thicker greaseproof paper. This will make the job easier when maintaining hygiene in these rooms.
  5. Then remove the curtains, various decorative items, pictures and lighter parts of the furniture. Cover everything with a white old canvas or sheet or with paper. Take the carpets and rugs to another room. And arrange these removed items on the floor on which you have spread old newspapers. Then carefully go over the ceiling and walls with a PVC brush wrapped in a cloth. Clean the window frames with a soft brush. Or use a vacuum cleaner on which you have placed a dedicated brush.
  6. Lacquered or polished furniture should be cleaned gradually. First clean the furniture with a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Dry with a dry cloth and finally polish with a silicone-based product.
  7. Autumn is normally the best season for carpet cleaning, although there is no general rule. First, dust or clean the carpets with a sharp broom or vacuum cleaner (clean the back first, then the face of the carpet). Then rub the entire surface of the carpet with a solution of warm water and some carpet cleaning detergent. At the same time, collect excess moisture with a clean cloth so that the floor does not get wet. In the same way, scrub the carpet with clean water. Leave to dry. The carpet can also be cleaned with warm water in which you have poured ammonia (a liter of water and 2 tablespoons of ammonia). When placing the carpet next to, under and between the parts of the rug, it is useful (under the edges of the carpet) to put a small amount of some agent against moths and insects.
  8. The front door is always “under attack” and therefore gets the dirtiest. It is best to paint the door with an enamel color that matches the color of the carpet in the hallway/hallway or the color of the linoleum (parquet in the hallway). It is useful to coat the cleaned door handles (after ironing) with colorless silicone-based varnish and also the brass plate on the outside of the door (if there is one).
  9. A solution of water and mild detergent (or vinegar) is useful for possibly cleaning the mailbox and the railing on the stairs (if there is one). Spray the locks on all doors and small mailbox doors as well as metal hinges with WD-40 spray. Allow the spray to dry.
  10. Rust stains on metal parts of furniture are easiest to clean with a cut half of a raw onion. Then wipe the stain with a damp cloth. Clean the stains on the tufted upholstery of a part of the furniture (beds, dressers, beds, armchairs, etc.) with a brush dipped in a solution of warm soapy water and a little liquid ammonia. Lace decorations, parts, lace curtains and tablecloths often get a yellowish color. First rub with soap and then boil these items in water into which you have scraped a little candle wax (scrape 2 cm of candle wax into one liter of water). Tea stains are cleaned with a mixture of salt and vinegar.


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