Yogurt, cereals and seeds prevent cholesterol absorption because they contain stenols and sterols (at least 1 gram per day).

Yogurt, cereals and seeds prevent cholesterol absorption because they contain stenols and sterols (at least 1 gram per day).

Tomatoes can be eaten by people with rheumatism and joint pain (because it does not contain oxalic acid)
Increased cholesterol is one of the biggest problems of modern man and a leading factor in the development of heart disease (which takes 3x more human lives than breast cancer and twice as many as lung cancer).
Increased cholesterol can be solved by any person with this problem in a short period of time. The only condition is a little discipline and the consumption of beneficial foods. It is also recommended to change your lifestyle, that is, your lifestyle and diet. Diet can reduce bad cholesterol and even overcome bad cholesterol. Six foods help with this. It is the so-called “smart food”, which includes soy, fiber, nuts, healthy oils and oats.
Yogurt, cereals and seeds prevent the absorption of cholesterol because they contain stenols and sterols
Regular consumption of these foods can reduce cholesterol by 7% to 10% in just 3 weeks. It is important to consume at least 1 gram of these foods per day

  1. Fibers should be in the daily diet of an adult (because with their help, harmful substances are expelled from the body). They reduce bad LDL cholesterol and have a preventive effect. That’s why beans and green beans, for example, should be eaten often.
  2. Nut products – most of these fruits (walnuts, almonds, peanuts) are an excellent means of reducing cholesterol. However, this is not the case with the salty versions of these products (which should definitely be reduced and avoided if you have high blood pressure). Nuts contain stenols and monounsaturated fatty acids that protect blood vessels and are rich in vitamin E and fiber.
  3. Soy – soy milk, soy yogurt and tofu are excellent in reducing cholesterol (because they contain healthy plant proteins). Soy should be gradually introduced into the diet because of its specific smell and taste. Then figure out the best way to consume soy and soy products.
  4. Healthy oils – beet olive oil contains monounsaturated fats (therefore neither increases nor decreases cholesterol). These oils strengthen the walls of the arteries so they are less likely to be damaged by cholesterol.
  5. Oats – oats contain beta glucan that protects the human body. That is why it is recommended to consume at least 3 grams of oats every day. Eat oats in the morning with, for example, some seasonal fruit.

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