Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

2017-07-30 07.59.00

2017-07-30 07.59.15

Wooden handmade structures…or

natural nature’s structure looks like a rock or a tooth…so called Grandmother’s tooth

2017-08-28 11.57.58

2017-08-28 11.56.22

or a concrete structure ( a house) covered with an ivy…combination of infrastructure and nature…

2017-05-11 08.46.40

2017-05-11 08.47.25

or flower’s structure

2017-08-12 07.52.00

2017-08-01 08.42.29

Any structures could be seen everywhere, depends where we look at.

Thank you for watching and have a great rest of the week.

This is my contribution for The Weekly Photo Challenge this week: “Structure”.




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