3D Bee Rescue Technology, Bee Hotel and more about bees

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Bees and other insects are necessary to maintain diversity on earth. Also, bees and succulent grasses whose bee flowers pollinate are the key to life on Earth. For example, the well-known meadow dandelion blooms just when the bees are out of hibernation. The fact is that in recent years bees and other insects have become endangered. All bee genera (honey bees, solitary bees, etc.) are endangered. Humans can help in various ways in the fight for the survival of bees and all the beneficial insects on the planet.
Due to concerns about the survival of bees and other insects on Earth, Dutch artist Matilda Boelhouwer has decided to create artificial flowers that will feed bees and butterflies with the help of 3D technology.
Specifically, Matilde Boelhouwer made 3D printed eco-friendly artificial flowers to help bees, butterflies and other insects. Its unusual flowers turn rainwater into sugary water. This water is a possible food source for a variety of pollinators.
The project is called ‘Food for Buzz’. Its flowers are attractive to bees, bumblebees, butterflies, moths and wasp flies. Matilde got this great idea after learning that in the last 27 years the number of bees and other insects has decreased by 75%.
Matilde further explains his idea: ‘Relationships between insects and flowers are, for me, among the most interesting connections in nature. Flowers have evolved to help insects that have also evolved to reciprocate service. ‘

There are fewer and fewer habitats of bees and other insects in the wild, which are endangered by various human activities, negligence and natural disasters. If the bees disappear completely, scientists believe humans only have 4 years to survive. This is how the idea to build so-called hotels for bees (in general, insects) was born. Hotels can serve as a temporary habitat for bees and other insects. The creators of these ideas / hotels believe that the bees that move into the hotels in them will lay their eggs. Various other wasps such as wasps will also become residents of these unusual but extremely useful locations.
An example of one such hotel was built in the German city of Hamburg (near the airport).
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