California offers the sun, beaches, mild climate and lots of fun – Part Five (amusement parks and Death Valley)

Everywhere in the United States, it’s best to use a car (except in Manhattan) because fuel prices are affordable. The cost of a car rental service is reasonable. The road signs are numerously marked. All parks have a sufficient number of parking spaces. You don’t have to worry about parking.
If you want to visit one of California’s amusement parks, it’s best to buy one unique ticket that is valid for several parks (Sea world, Universal Studios, Legoland). Tickets for Disney Amusement Parks are purchased separately.
Sea World’s California amusement park
This is one of 3 of its kind in the world (the other two are in San Diego and Orlando). What they have in common is that they have almost identical attractions. The show program with orcs, killer whales accompanied by great music, light effects and entertainers / dancers is the most visited. For the braver visitors is the “Manta” -rollercoaster. Kids are looking forward to interacting with dolphins, which is interactive. Any child can touch this beautiful animal. The amusement park is visually attractive and educational. Children and adults can hear many unknown details about the inhabitants of the deep sea and enjoy socializing with them. For the sake of memory I can buy some aquatic, stuffed creature at the end of the visit.
Disney parks
Disneyland, California is located near Los Angeles. It is a paradise for children of all ages and adults. All generations will enjoy the famous cartoon and feature films, rollercoaster rides, song, street parades, dance, 3D or 4D movies. When tired they can freshen up with typical American food burgers and Coca-Cola. Among the most famous attractions include: King Tritons Carousel, The Little Mermaid, Luigi’s Flying Tires, Maters Junkyard Jamboree, Mickeys Fun Wheel, Princess Dot Puddle Park, Muppet’s Vision, etc.
Legoland is home to over 60 attractions. At the entrance you are greeted by a red Bronte dinosaur and welcome you. In addition to the standard attractions, Legoland in California is the first in the world to offer Legoland Water Park. Some of the more recent attractions include Pirate Reef and Lego Star Wars Miniland where visitors can enjoy the most famous scenes from the popular Star Wars series.
Universal Studios
It will take you a full day to tour. Most of the scenes, exteriors and interiors will be familiar to you from TV series and movies. If you want your heartbeat to visit the Mummy faster, take a ride with the Simpsons, get in on the action with Superman. Everything is possible here.
Death Valley- Located in the Mojave Desert in eastern California. The valley is rich in plant species (over 1000), of which three are endemic. In summer the temperature goes up to 43 degrees Celsius. In 1913, even temperatures of 53 degrees Celsius were recorded. The valley is named after a group of trail seekers who nearly lost their lives as they turned off the main road. As they walked out of the valley, they said, “Goodbye, Death Valley.”

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