Want to be a hairdresser at home and color your own hair? (Step by step)

If you are not skilled with hair dyes and coloring of the hair and still want to do the process yourself, follow the simple rules and tips:
To achieve a consistent color – prepare a color mix. Apply the mixture one inch from the scalp to the tips of the hair. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply the rest of the color to the outgrowth. Massage the entire length. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. This will give you a uniform color from your scalp to the tips. If you immediately apply the color mixture to the entire length, your scalp will be brighter than the middle part and the tips of the hair.
Step by step
1, Apply color to the nape of the head. Then the entire length. Leave it for 10 minutes.
2. Apply hair dye to the root of the hair with 1% less creme oxide. Wait for everything to work an extra 25-30 minutes.
3. Run the comb through your hair. When the time expires, moisten your hair with warm water. Use your fingertips to slightly emulsify the color. Rinse the paint mixture. Then wash your hair thoroughly. Treat your hair additionally (if desired).
Step by step
1. Apply the outgrowth dye mixture to the outgrowth (at the nape of the head).
2. Apply the most similar shade possible to the rest of your hair with respect to the desired tone of the Overflow-Senseo hair color). Leave it for 35-45 minutes.
3. Repeat the procedure (following the previous instructions for uniform hair color).
Your complexion is the best determinant for the perfect hair color.
For tan / olive complexion: Avoid warm shades. They make your skin receive an orange tint. You prefer to use cool tones.
For a medium-dark complexion, opt for cool and ashy shades of brown. If your eyes are light in color, try the cool shades of red. If your eyes are dark, choose a mahogany color or make cinnamon-colored strands.
For a light tinge, make honey blue and ginger shades of blue. You can choose hair colors with the name “neutral”. If you want to become a brunette, choose semi-durable warm shades. Avoid cool shades of red as they create an unnatural appearance.
The secret of the perfect hairstyle lies in the right choice of hair brush.
If you are unable to reduce the hair charge, use an ionic-based rotary hair brush. This type of brush prevents hair from frizzing and makes it shinier.
If you want to make a lavish volume on your hair, the ideal choice is a round brush that also prevents hair from being electrified.
If you want to straighten long hair, choose a wide and straight hair brush with natural fibers. This type of hair brush will give it a shine and will not damage it.

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