Hygiene command “chewing a small piece of ginger 3x a day with hot beverage with turmeric and honey”

Coronavirus – Simple Prevention And Remedy, Dr. Torsun’s Russian Vedic scientist and doctor Oleg Torsunov gave some advice to a crowd of 600 listeners on how to protect themselves against corona viruses (SARS-CoV-2). Excerpt from the most recent lecture (March 17, 2020) in the Russian city of Omsk:
“Before I start teaching, I would like to say something. The virus that is currently spreading fear around the world, in fact, exists and is actually dangerous. Its danger is that it prevents the human body from defending against bacterial pneumonia. The virus itself does not kill humans. These are bacteria that, once the virus has settled in the body, can invade the lungs. This bacterial propagation can actually progress very quickly. Bacterial pneumonia can occur 7 days after contact with the virus. For example, after traveling by plane, an infected person may have pulmonary edema due to heavy workload. There is also good news. In the meantime, I’ve been studying ways to combat many viral infections for 15 years. I can tell you with confidence that we can easily fight coronavirus. With the help of ginger. If you chew a small piece of ginger a day, three times a day, and drink a hot beverage with turmeric and honey at the same time, you will generally not be able to get the viruses. It just won’t be possible.
Otherwise I would ask the organizers now: did you distribute a piece of ginger to your visitors? That. But I told you that you have to get the ginger and distribute it to the audience. Make sure you get the ginger and distribute it to your listeners so people can chew it. I cannot continue the seminar because 600 people in the classroom will be at high risk. So, at any time, the organizers will hand you ginger pieces. From today, I will always make sure that people get ginger at the beginning, before class, before they even enter the classroom. People have to chew ginger before or during class, in which case there will certainly be no danger.
At this point, as I see it (at a subtle level), there are no infected people in the classroom. From today, the hygiene command “Chewing Ginger Every Day” applies. You have to learn that. Sooner or later the number of infected people in Russia will increase. Anyone who does not take this problem seriously will be exposed to death.
The probability of dying from the effects of this virus is 5%. That means out of 100 infected, 5 die. Another ten are in critical condition.
If you chew and lick ginger, the virus has no chance. The power of ginger should not be underestimated. I have been treating people from all kinds of viral infections for many years. The range of foods I use is very small:
Ginger, turmeric, pine twigs, spruce fir, yellow mustard seeds, white pepper. All of these foods have the power to destroy a wide variety of viruses.
When the Blagost Festival (about 1500 participants) takes place in Russia in May, I will make sure that all these components are available so that people do not become infected. There are no cases of illness at this festival twice a year, although people sit side by side in large rooms for hours listening to lectures. So, again: the virus itself is not that powerful. If we chew ginger everyday, no way. I fly from town to town every week. I don’t mean a protective mask either, because I know how powerful ginger is. I always have it with me in my bag.
On a subtle level, I see who is infected and who is not. There are actually many more infected than there are in the media. I saw a lot of them at airports and planes. Don’t panic. The consequences will not be as bad as the media. You just have to chew the ginger. Tell relatives, too. If you and everyone around you do this, no one will get infected. It should be chewed three times a day. It definitely works around 3 to 4 hours. See. There are people who have problems with various allergies. For example, when they touch or even consume certain foods, they immediately run into problems. It goes so far that I can land in life situations. Now you have to imagine that this corona-virus has an allergic reaction to ginger. Like many viruses, this virus does not transmit ginger at all. Is everything understood here? Children may be offered ginger in a diluted combination with water and a little honey, otherwise it is too bitter for them. There is another method that allows us to fight the virus effectively. This method is even more effective than simply consuming ginger. Put a piece of ginger in a piece of fabric, then wrap it around the left wrist, where the watch is usually worn. This site has been open for 24 hours. The subtle body and, accordingly, the material body will react immediately. We can also use this method as a prophylaxis, but be careful as it can cause tension in the body if you use ginger in this way. If you already have a fever virus, don’t worry. Attach a simple piece of ginger to your left wrist and your corona-virus will immediately lower your soul. Two to three days at the latest. A fresh piece of ginger should be given daily in infancy. It is especially suitable for corona-virus. A piece of turmeric can also be tied to the left wrist. Currently, children are the least affected. The vast majority of children do not get symptoms at all.

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