Narcissus, ginkgo and turmeric-symbolism

Narcissus is a flower that symbolizes self-esteem, honesty and
evaluation of human abilities. Talented people love this flower. Share your talents with others. Narcissus is loved by people who deserve what they want. Establish your authority. Act in the direction of your dreams.
Ginkgo symbolizes patience. People who love ginkgo should be patient and persistent in manifesting their goals. Persistence is a virtue that needs to be cultivated. Ginkgo trees have survived nuclear explosions and various disasters. Ginkgo trees are strong and resilient, so they are called “hope bearers”. They symbolize strength regardless of external circumstances. Ginkgo balances persistence with tenderness. Ginkgo is a tree that grows with its course and nothing can stop it. It will go best to the one who knows how to wait.
Turmeric symbolizes perseverance and perseverance in the most sincere goals even when everything around is insecure or seems to have failed. The Sanskrit word for “turmeric” is Kanchani, meaning “Golden Goddess”.
This plant contains the energy of the Divine Mother, which gives the gifts of fertility and health. Whatever you do, don’t stop. The goddess looks at you and rejoices in your successes. You don’t need to be perfect to achieve your goals – just be persistent.

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