Recipes for treatment with seasonal fruit juices (I Part)

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The creator of the juice therapy system and the famous nutritionist Norman Walker lived 118 years (1866-1984). Thanks to Walker’s advice, a lot of people were cured of many diseases. Dr. Walker is popular in the United States because at the age of 102 he married and became a father. In order for the human body to have a great shape, it is necessary to properly prepare delicious and favorite fruit juices. To date, scientists have not discovered whether canned juices are useful as fresh juices. Many people believe that canned juices do not have useful substances and components and that their task is to quench human thirst. However, some people believe that canned juices do not lose their valuable properties during the conservation process, and it is practically possible to use these juices for the healing process. In practice, this fact is different. Fresh juices are more useful than canned juices. Many people follow the principle of the “golden mean” and combine the use of fresh and canned juices. Canned juices have a longer shelf life, so their use has become popular. The process of conservation significantly changes the chemical composition, so it is pointless to use them to treat health problems. Juice therapy uses only fresh juices to get a positive effect.
Cleansing the body – the use of a large amount of concentrated sugar and starch has a destructive effect on the body. Flour products belong to the class of concentrated starches. White and other sugars (which are industrially processed) and all products in which these sugars are included belong to the group of concentrated carbohydrates. Prolonged use of this food leads to contamination of the body. Metabolic disorders are a direct consequence of contamination in the body. Digestive problems occur. Cleansing the body is necessary to get rid of all impurities in the blood vessels and the whole body. Natural juices are one way to get this job done.
Apricot juice-apricot fruits contain a large amount of valuable nutrients: sugar, insulin, starch, malic, citric, salicylic and tartaric acid, carotene, iron, silver, mineral salts, vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. Apricot seed juice used with ekao sedative for cough. It is useful for the treatment of diseases related to immune deficiency. Apricots contain healing substances that help create blood in the same amount as 40 g of grapes or 250 g of fresh liver. Apricot juice is recommended against heart and blood vessel diseases and anemia.
Melon juice contains sugar (16-20%), carotene, vitamin C, P, a large amount of folic acid and iron, pectin, fats and mineral salts. Melon juice perfectly quenches thirst. It is recommended for stomach diseases, constipation and hemorrhoids. Apricot seed juice is an effective wetting agent and a mild sedative. It is useful against diseases of the kidneys, liver and urinary bladder. It is effective in treating mental anxiety because it has a calming effect on the nervous system. Nutritionists recommend melon juice for anemia, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and kidney and liver diseases due to the high content of vitamins B9 and C, iron and potassium salts.
Peach juice has a high content of sugar (up to 15%), organic acids, essential oils, vitamins A and C. It has a slight weakening effect. It is recommended for gastrointestinal diseases. Increases the secretion of digestive glands, allows the digestion of fatty and indigestible foods. It is an effective antiemetic.
Tachycardia and arrhythmia (increased heart rate) – different juices are used. A good blend is orange, banana and lemon juice. It takes 2/4 orange juice, 2/4 banana juice and ¼ lemon juice. Stir all juices well before use. Drink one glass 3 times a day before meals for 3-4 weeks. Another variant of the juice mixture is: pomegranate, cherry and peach. You need: ½ glasses of peach juice, ¼ glasses of pomegranate juice and ¼ glasses of cherry juice. Stir the juices before use. Drink ½ glasses three times daily before meals for 3-4 weeks. There is a third variant of juice for normalizing the work of the heart. You need: ½ glasses of pear juice, ¼ glasses of grapefruit juice, and ¼ glasses of pomegranate juice. Stir the juices before immediate use. Drink 1/3 cup four times a day for ¾ weeks.
Psoriasis- Pomegranate juice can be used to treat psoriasis. Pomegranate juice is good for the skin. It allows the skin to actively fight various problems. Increases the skin’s resistance to disease. Drink as much pomegranate juice as possible. Needed: 1 liter of pomegranate juice, 5 tablespoons of linden honey. Dissolve the honey in the juice. Drink one glass daily in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. In between, drink half a glass after meals for 3 weeks. Then take a break for a month. Then repeat the juice treatment course. Recipe number 2: ¼ glasses of cherry juice, ¼ glasses of cherry juice and ¼ glasses of pomegranate juice. Mix cherry, sour cherry and pomegranate juices. Drink ½ glasses 2-3 times a day for 2-3 weeks.
Side effects of certain fruit juices
Natural juices from various fruits are useful for the human body, although there are diseases in which the use of one or another juice is prohibited.
8 types of diseases and natural juices that should not be used then
1. For gastric ulcers and inflammatory processes in the intestines, it is inadmissible to use concentrated juice of sour varieties of apples (or insufficiently ripe ones) and other juices from sour fruits (lemon, grapefruit, plum and others).
2. Apricot juices are not recommended for obesity, ulcers, diabetes and colitis, and atherosclerosis where the use of sweet fruit juices should be limited. The use of juices is limited in the case of chronic cardiovascular diseases because they cause bloating.
3. Treatment with melon juice should be approached with special caution. The use of this juice in some people causes itching on the skin, etc. In case of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor and stop using the juice.
4. Peach juice contains a large amount of purine. Therefore, it should not be used by people who have gout and nephritis.
5. During the treatment with cherry juice, it should be known that due to the irritating effect on the kidneys, the use of the juice is prohibited in the case of inflammatory kidney diseases. Contraindications refer to fruits with a high content of alkaline acid.
6. In diabetes, treatment with fruit juices that contain a large amount of sugar is not recommended. Then, with caution and after the consultation, you should use the juices of banana, peach, melon, red-leaved plum, pear, etc.
7. During the treatment with citrus juices, it should be pointed out that the oral cavity should be rinsed after using the juice. This fruit contains a whole range of organic acids that damage teeth.
8. Sour fruit juice is not recommended for liver and gallbladder diseases.

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