12 useful tips on packaging food for freezing

1. It is important that the fruits are fresh in order to achieve the best possible results in freezing food. It is best to buy vegetables, fruits and other foods earlier in the morning (preferably directly from the producer or from the market) when you have time to prepare all the food for freezing.
2. Fruits and vegetables should not stand for more than a few hours. It is best to be spread out in one dark place.
3. It is best to wash fruits and vegetables twice. Stems, stalks and leaves should be cut off. Peel fruits and vegetables.
4. Fruits and vegetables should be cut only before packing in plastic bags because oxygen from the radiation destroys vitamins. The vegetables are first blanched (boiled briefly). The fruit is sprinkled with sugar or some fruit syrup.
5. It is necessary to pack food before freezing to protect it from oxygen, transfer odors and not to dry out due to the cold.
6. When packaging food for the freezer, it is not advisable to save on material because the damage can be more expensive. The most suitable for food packaging are: resistant cellophane. Polyethylene foil, thicker aluminum foil, plastic containers made of polyethylene, cups or boxes impregnated with wax or paraffin, cylindrical glass containers.
7. Aluminum containers or pre-washed boxes of milk, yogurt or fruit juices can also be used for food packaging. It is not recommended to use greaseproof paper, parchment, parchment paper, paper bags or cardboard packaging. Cold, grease- and acid-resistant, washable, breathable, odorless and odorless packaging should be used for packaging.
8. Wrap the food that we prepare for deep freezing so that it is protected on all sides. It is best to weld the bags with a special device or be sure to iron the ends. Adhesive tapes, rubber bands or plastic fasteners can be used to close the package. Boxes without lids are best closed with elastic foil or aluminum foil. Care must be taken to ensure that the foil remains intact. No matter which foil you use, it is important that the foil “lies” well on the food, so it should be expelled before closing.
9. When freezing large pieces of meat, sharp spots on the meat should be protected so that the plastic wrap is not damaged. No matter what packaging you used (even transparent), each package should be marked with a note / sticker. Write the type of food, the weight of the food and the date of packaging on the label, as it may happen that you do not recognize the contents of the package on the outside due to freezing.
10. The date is especially important so that the food does not stay in the freezer longer than necessary / allowed. You can keep a separate record of what quantities and types of food you have stored in the freezer.
11. If you use solid containers, do not fill them to the top as the contents expand by freezing (especially with liquid food) by approximately 1/10.
12. Keep the containers in which you packed the liquid food upright in the quick-freeze section. Only after the food is frozen can you put it in the appropriate compartments. All packages stored for the freezer on the outside should be dry so that the packages / containers do not stick to each other. Undamaged foils and bags can be used several times if they have been thoroughly washed beforehand.

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