Trees create an environment in which people feel better

If you have chosen wood for decorating your home, house, yard and yard, it is best to combine it with glass, metal and various colors. It gives each ambiance a modern look and breathes life into it at the same time. Wood creates an environment in which all people and children feel better because the proximity of nature pleases all people. Each piece of solid wood furniture is timeless and diverse. Each person can find a piece of wood / piece of furniture that suits that person. Traces of use over the years make this furniture even more beautiful.
Wood is a natural raw material. No two pieces of wood are the same. Numerous species of trees exist (oak, beech, birch, fir, ash) from rings to tree colors. To avoid monotony the tree is looking for a suitable partner. The ambience looks airy and comfortable in combination with white, a multitude of glass details and transparent fabrics. With red and black, the fiery temperament of wood is released. Wood brings the overall impression into a natural harmony in combination with the green color complemented by natural canvas, knitted details and fur. Filigree details made of luminous copper, gold or silver give a dose of nobility to the rustic living environment.
Tips for decorating indoor and outdoor spaces with wood:

  1. When combining wood with colors, for example in the Scandinavian style, the focus should be on light pastel color tones. Bright pastel tones emphasize the airy and dear to everyone character of the Nordic style. .
  2. The sharp shapes and slightly rough design go well with darker and more intense colors. An overly rustic impression can be avoided by placing accents with glass, metal, rattan, textiles and wallpaper with graphic designs.
  3. You can complete your home with a few luminous messages that represent a decorative mood creator. Post any positive light message and the results or positivity are immediately noticeable.
  4. The combination of retro and Scandinavian style can be a set of sofas with a wooden frame for the legs and a fabric (textile) in a pastel color for the seating area. Complete the sofas with beautiful and decorative pillows.
  5. Wooden furniture goes well with oriental rugs and floor mats and geometric patterns. These are effective items that do not have to cost too much and simply create a new home atmosphere in any ambience.
  6. Complete the wooden furniture in the home with objects made of glittering colored crystal (candle holder, chandeliers, lamps, candle holders) which gives a slightly bright look without flickering flames. Modern living spaces can be complemented with nickel pendants.
  7. Open shelves on the walls are combined elements with furnishing the living space. Such models of showcases are usually part of the system for furnishing the living room.
  8. The wooden table in the living room will look unusual with various combined dining chairs. Each person can find their own suitable chair and choose the most comfortable place for themselves. The dining rooms give an attractive and modern look.

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