Greater finger mobility is aided by simulations of playing the piano and claws of predators

Exercise and treatment for finger arthritis include anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy and gymnastics. You can do gymnastics at home.

  1. Piano simulation is one of my favorite exercises. The movements should not be “percussive” but light. Raise and lower each finger separately. You run your fingers over the “imaginary keys on the piano” or on the table surface. Imitate playing the piano. You can do the exercise several times a day. Touch your thumb several times with all your fingers. Make circular motions with each finger separately. The joints will be more mobile. The feeling of pain in the fingers can be reduced. The fingers will be independent again.
  2. Simulation of predator claws helps with poor mobility / arthritis of the fingers. By imitating the claws of predators, bend and straighten all the fingers at once. Roll the ribbed pencil by squeezing it between your palms or pressing the pencil against the table surface. At the same time, squeeze your fists so that your thumbs are turned from above. Do this exercise with effort. Feel the maximum grip by staying in that position for a while. Loosen your palms as wide as possible with your fingers. Fist squeezing is a great exercise for people with high blood pressure. It trains blood vessels helping to reduce high blood pressure.

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