5 life habits that lead to a fulfilled personality and better happiness

There is a claim that says a black cat waving-repelling an accident. People have always been looking for happiness and happy moments as often as possible. Research on happiness at Harvard University says that happiness depends on each individual and not on genetics, career, education, money or beauty. There are five life tasks that help make it easier to find the path that leads to a happy and fulfilled person.

  1. Perform daily small rituals and tasks more carefully and enjoy the moment – explains the team of experts from Harvard University. Small commitments and tasks can become key moments of happiness. With care, patience and reason, you can relax and enjoy the moment. Behaviors can be practiced.
  2. Independent living – each person should set their own goals and set clear boundaries in the future (possibly with professional help) and be as independent as possible. Female children find it harder to set goals and find it harder to opt for independence because they have more empathy and emotional intelligence.
  3. The prologue to a good life are cordial and sincere relationships – a relationship with a partner, a general relationship with another person, friends or a relationship with a pet – create a sense of comfort in your own life and strengthen life expectations and health.
  4. Social engagement — caring and selfless people live happier lives. People who volunteer or socially engage are calmer and more carefree. Social engagement is a natural and smart stimulus to support the weak and powerless as future generations prepare for life. Happiness scientists claim that happiness is a social component.
  5. Reliability and faith-faith drives the world. Behind this claim is the power of reason and belief, which in a positive sense mean the basis of human reality. The last task towards happiness is knowing the faith and one’s own beliefs – say experts from Harvard University. It can be a religion or some spiritual form of living.
    Simple activities that keep a person in reality:
    -conscious consciousness
    -when washing hands or showering, concentrate on the flow of water, the sound that water produces and the smell of soap
    -barefoot walking and concentration on the floor
  • playing sports that require full concentration (horseback riding, swimming, climbing, water sports)
    -concentrating on the taste of food, drinks and chewing during each meal

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