10 interesting facts about sunflower


10 interesting facts about sunflower

  1. The sunflower flower is recognizable by its striking and large yellow flowers. It is one of the most beautiful plants. It is a symbol of serenity and late summer. It has excellent healing properties.
  2. It originates from North America, Mexico and Peru. It began to be cultivated in Europe in the 16th century. The missionaries brought this flower to Spain. Sunflower is important for oil and seed production. There are several types of sunflowers. The division is: edible and decorative.
  3. Sunlit sunflower fields look especially magical. Sunflower adorns numerous backyards and gardens. It is gladly seen as an addition to decorative bouquets. It will look perfect in a vase as a summer decoration. It is often used to decorate wedding tables and wedding bouquets.
  4. Blooms from July to October. It has a high and solid stalk that can grow up to 3 meters in height. It has heart-shaped and hairy leaves. It stands out with beautiful yellow flowers that can be up to 40 cm in diameter. Because of their beauty, they have strong symbolism. They are often compared to the sun.
  5. Loves the sun and a place protected from drafts. The soil should be fertile and well fertilized. It tolerates drought very well. It doesn’t require a lot of water. Beautiful sunflower flowers are adored by bumblebees and bees because they give a large amount of nectar and pollen. Sunflowers are mostly grown for the production of oil produced from seeds.
  6. Sunflower seeds are extremely healthy. They can be eaten on their own. They can be added to various salads or mixed with other seeds. They are often used to make bread and other bakery products. They are an excellent source of protein, minerals and vitamins. Sunflower sprouts are edible. The petals can be used for tea or tincture preparation. Sunflower petal tea is used in folk medicine to lower the temperature. Sunflower oil contains important nutrients. The best choice is unrefined oil. Margarine, mayonnaise, soaps and various other products are produced from sunflower oil.
  7. Sunflower oil is used to carry out detoxification in Ayurveda. The oil is shaken in the mouth (to remove all harmful substances from the body). Only cold-pressed unrefined oil is recommended for this method because it contains valuable and nutritious ingredients.
  8. Sunflower roots can purify contaminated soil, even from radioactive substances and lead. In Japan, they planted sunflowers around the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Sunflower fields were planted after the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine.
  9. In Mexico and Peru, sunflower has been grown since ancient times. The ancient Mayan people believed in the special power of this flower. The sunflower was a symbol of light and fertility. Sunflower seeds were used for food.
  10. Today, this beautiful flower is the main symbol of sun, happiness and summer. The professional name Helianthus comes from the Greek word “helios” (translated as “sun”). There is also a legend about sunflower that this plant was created by the Greek sun god Apollo. The sunflower turns to the sun early in the morning and follows the sun until sunset. Apollo turned a girl in love into a sunflower to follow him as the sun passes through the firmament. So says the legend.



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