Wax is a natural cosmetic product with multiple purposes


Wax is a natural cosmetic product with multiple purposes
Modern women know that cosmetic procedures and skin care are pleasant and useful, although this has not always been the case. Cosmetic treatments have long been a privilege of the aristocracy. Most ordinary women were busy with heavy physical work and other responsibilities. In the environments where ordinary women lived and worked, that is why domestic procedures and preparations from rich gifts from nature were developed.


Knowledge and advice on the treatment of many diseases have been passed down from one generation to the next. Among these recipes from the people are records and oral traditions about cosmetics that are still used today. Wax was one of the most effective means of caring for dry skin, feet and in healing wounds / scratches and the like. Contraindications are hypertension and diabetes. Paraffin bath treatment is not recommended if there is damage to the skin, cuts, scratches or any purulent inflammatory conditions. Paraffin baths are useful in all other cases.

  1. Wax for foot and hand-care wax has become used for cosmetic purposes over time due to its healing properties. This procedure has remained popular today. In the 20th century, it was called “paraffin therapy”. Today, natural wax successfully replaces cosmetic paraffin, which often contains various essential oils. Paraffin therapy is a very useful and pleasant procedure. Softens the skin on the hands and feet. It has a rejuvenating effect. This procedure contributes to a longer preservation of youthful and taut skin on the hands.
  2. This treatment is performed with melted cosmetic paraffin heated to 55 ° C. Hands or feet are dipped in warm paraffin. Then the paraffin is gently removed from the skin after hardening. Paraffin therapy can be done in almost any beauty salon. For home use, paraffin can be bought in specialty stores, pharmacies and at international cosmetics fairs.
  3. Paraffin gloves – when performing the treatment in the salon or at home, you should first wash your hands thoroughly with soap and then apply a nourishing hand cream on the skin. The cream is needed so that the person does not burn their hands with hot paraffin and so that the skin is nourished with useful ingredients. The beautician in the salon will then perform a pleasant hand massage. At home, a person should imitate the movements of “pulling narrow leather gloves on their hands”. After that, the person should put their hands in a special electric bath in which the already melted paraffin is heated to 50-55 ° C. Paraffin should be heated on steam at home. The person should be careful because they need to get hot paraffin. The fire should be mild because there is a danger of paraffin catching fire. The paraffin will cool and a layer (similar to a thin glove) will form on your hands as soon as you take your hands out of the bath. Hands should be lowered into the tub several times to make the paraffin glove very thick. Polyethylene bags should be placed on the hands as soon as the paraffin layer on the hands is thick enough. Then wear cotton or terry gloves with one finger.
  4. Warm paraffin improves blood flow and lymph flow, stimulates cell renewal, strengthens skin elasticity and smoothes fine lines. The “greenhouse” effect produced by hot paraffin can be compared to the sauna effect. The skin heats up and toxins are expelled from the skin.
  5. This treatment has a strong anti-stress effect. There are a lot of acupuncture points on the palms. The session is recommended once or twice a week. This is enough to keep the skin on your hands and feet always fresh and well-groomed. You can take off this glove 20 minutes to half an hour after applying paraffin. Smear your hands with cream. This treatment can be done for the feet and face. A large bowl is needed for the legs. Paraffin is applied to the skin of the face with a brush.



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