Aloe tree should be at least 3 years old before use in treatment

Aloe tree should be at least 3 years old before use in treatment
Today, many households have the Aloe plant in a pot on a window sill or in a room at home. Aloe tree with its beauty thus attracts attention if it is placed in a pot on the outer window sill. Aloe was considered a sacred plant in ancient Egypt and was used for medicinal purposes. The most important rule for Aloe tree is that it should be at least 3 years old before use for medicinal purposes. Do not water the plant for 3 days also before using it for medicinal purposes. The cut leaves are then placed in the refrigerator for 3 days before use.

Contraindications are oncological diseases (aloe is a powerful natural accelerator of all processes in the body), uterine bleeding, inflammatory condition of the urinary bladder, complications of hemorrhoids and pregnancy.
  1. Aloe against burns – put gauze soaked in plant juice on burns. Hold for 2 hours. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day. The treatment lasts until the condition improves.
  2. Aloe against angina – this remedy is desirable to make earlier or before the start of the cold and flu season. Use a half-liter jar. Place the chopped aloe leaves in a jar. Sprinkle with sugar to the top. Attach a piece of cotton cloth or gauze to the neck of the jar. Leave for 3 days in a dark place. Then pour brandy to the top. Cover again with gauze. Leave for another 3 days. Strain and drain the raw material. Take one tablespoon of fluid three times daily before meals.
  3. Aloe against toothache – put a piece of aloe leaf on the diseased tooth. Hold until the pain stops.
  4. Apply aloe against herpes rash with aloe juice 5 times a day until the herpes disappears.
  5. Aloe to strengthen immunity and against bronchitis – mix half a liter of juice, 700 g of honey and 250 ml of brandy. Take 30 ml once a day (in the morning an hour after meals). The therapy lasts until you mix the mixture.
  6. Aloe against headaches – rub aloe juice into the temples until the headache stops.
  7. To rejuvenate mature skin – mix one egg yolk, one tablespoon of sour cream and one tablespoon of aloe juice. Apply the mask in layers on the face, neck and décolleté. Allow the coat to dry before applying the second coat and so on until you use the mixture. The procedure can be done twice a week. Rinse the mask with warm water. Then wash with cold water. Therapy includes 20 procedures. Then you need to take a break. Mature skin will be fresh, youthful and shallow wrinkles will be ironed.

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