5 mini tips for an effective personal corner in the home


5 mini tips for an effective personal corner in the home
Details made of artificial (or ecological) leather and large sculptures of various shapes will be a great choice for each person to make a favorite corner of the home. The wall can be accentuated with self-adhesive wallpaper (or XXL poster). And ordinary old glasses, for example, can be used in a different way.

  1. Africa-people who like to use the bathroom more often will enjoy the rituals if they insert, for example, a sink with a leopard pattern. Prints with imitation wild animal skin are always fashionable. With such a decorated bathroom, the user will get a really special ambience.
  2. Bedside table-use a large ceramic sculpture (instead of a small bedside table that is always placed next to the bed). Choose one color and draw it in the form of details on the carpet, pillows and paintings. Pink gives great results.
  3. Leather – combine, for example, the famous “cow carpet” with classic pieces of furniture. Create an extraordinary sleeping area with a dark wooden floor and wrought iron details. Choose white and blue for the ceiling and walls.
  4. Miniature-small table for storing items or makeup does not take up much space. The combination of mirrors with white drawers will perfectly break the darker tones of that pastel color. This could be a cute corner of the home and a beautiful decor in the home.
  5. Instant decoration – for quick decoration of the space, use the following option: fill a few wine glasses or ordinary glasses with flower petals. Make a color scheme and place the decorated glasses on the table or on the dresser. The look of the space will be beautifully decorated and different from before.



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