Children and antibiotics (important tips, side effects, prevention)

Children and antibiotics (important tips, side effects, prevention)
Pediatricians often prescribe antibiotics to children. Some parents are against this type of treatment while some consider antibiotics the right way to treat children. Antibiotics like liquid. It is important to understand why these drugs are used, dosage, prevention of side effects and which fluids to use when taking antibiotics. The antibiotic is completely useless for acute respiratory viral infection.
Positive effects of antibiotics
.antibiotics are indispensable against bacterial infections (sepsis, meningitis, angina, inflammatory processes of the lungs). In the absence of adequate therapy against the treatment of these diseases, serious complications and even fatal outcomes can occur.
-many antibiotics have a targeted effect and focus on the inflammatory condition without harming the whole organism.
Legends and reality
-children are often afraid of dysbacteriosis (disorder of the intestinal microflora, genitals, oral cavity). Therefore, pediatricians often advise to take products with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli (which normalize the microflora by preventing the development of disc disease) in parallel with the antibiotic. It is very important to take a break of at least 2 to 3 hours between taking these preparations. An antibiotic may otherwise affect beneficial probiotic bacteria.

  • There is a possibility of side effects (as in the case of taking any other medical product) and allergies and individual intolerance. The doctor then prescribes an appropriate replacement antibiotic.
    –the child is often sick. The cause is not the use of antibiotics but the improper use of these drugs. Unfortunately, in modern medicine, an antibiotic is used for acute respiratory viral infection, and due to viral infections, this medicine is useless. Parents also practice self-medication using serious medications for, for example, the common cold. It is then that various problems arise, the cause of which is the irrational use of drugs.
    -amitibiotics have no effect on children’s poor appetite. The cause is not a preparation but a disease accompanied by malaise.
    In order for antibiotic treatment to be most effective, it is important to adhere to certain rules. Precisely due to non-compliance with the rules (for the use of antibacterial agents / drugs), the most common side effects and complications that opponents of antibiotics are so afraid of.
    -antibiotics help in the treatment of meningitis and sepsis, sinusitis and pyelonephritis (purulent inflammatory process of the kidneys), inflammatory condition of the lungs and purulent abscess. It is important that the medication is prescribed by a doctor / pediatrician by analyzing the child’s illness and general condition.
    Rules for the use of antibiotics
  1. Antibiotics should be taken at a specific time interval (twice a day – after 12 hours or trip – every eight hours). Only such an approach allows optimal concentrations of medicinal substances in the blood necessary for the destruction of bacteria.
  2. In case of skipping the preparation on time, then it is not allowed to double the dosage during the next use of the drug.
  3. The dosage prescribed by the doctor must not be changed independently (for example, reduced or increased).
  4. It is recommended to drink water after taking the medicine.
  5. Check when taking a particular medication — before or after a meal.
  6. The ideal option is to do a sensitivity analysis. Then the most appropriate medicine for a particular situation / diagnosis can be obtained.
  7. Although the child feels better and having no no high temperature, therapy should not be discontinued on one’s own initiative. The full dose prescribed by a pediatrician / physician should be taken. Otherwise, the infection can turn into a chronic form or appear in a new form.

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