Sitting time should be equal to walking time

Sitting time should be equal to walking time
The charge for a “sedentary” lifestyle is most often sciatica and osteochondrosis. A man should move as much time as he spent sitting. The Japanese have determined that a person needs to take 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy. Unfortunately, people today barely walk a few kilometers a day. The muscles of the back and therefore of the whole body do not receive the necessary effort. The result is sciatica and osteochondrosis. The cause of spinal diseases is also an incorrect sitting position. Modern man often experiences psycho-emotional stress, which has an additional negative effect on health. Because both stress and mental restlessness can contribute to the development of spinal diseases and further aggravate existing diseases. Muscle tone, circulation changes, joint blockage and pain occur due to psycho-emotional efforts. One-time loading is also very dangerous. If a person moves a heavy load even though he is not fit, then an intervertebral hernia or other spinal disease can be caused.
The spine is the guardian of the spinal cord. All information about the movement is transmitted through the spine. There are simple rules to preserve the health of the spine as much as possible.

  1. Protect your own body when doing hard physical work. Walk more, train your legs and do sit-ups to strengthen your abdominal muscles.
  2. During the morning and day, do simple exercises – circular rotation of the arms and shoulders, squatting, swinging the legs.
  3. Exercise for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day, which benefits the body.
  4. For activities in the gym or fitness centers, work with a professional trainer who will offer you a workable workout.
  5. The health of the spine and supporting apparatus depends on the diet. The simpler it is, the healthier it is. Avoid products with artificial colors and various harmful additives. Homemade eggs, fish, fresh meat, bread with bran, homemade milk, cheese and sour cream are useful. Seasonal fruits and vegetables that grow in your local area are useful. Lard can be used in small quantities because it is healthier than various smoked meats. Less culinary delights (fatty foods, fried and sweet foods) and no canned foods.
  6. If a person feels sharp pain in the spine – do not panic. It is necessary to take a lying and good position in which the pain will be alleviated. Stand on all fours or place both arms and legs on the floor and move around. You can hold on to an obstacle or holder if you have a holder nearby and “move” your spine slowly and calmly.
  7. Exercise is useful for sudden sharp pain in the spine and neck: lie on your back. Legs swing to one side and arms to the opposite side. This is a good stretch for the spine. Start with small exercises when the pain stops. Resist on the floor, and do exercises to strengthen your back muscles. It is important that the movements go along the vertical axis – from top to bottom and from bottom to bottom. But don’t do twists and turns of the torso. Try light exercises on the exercise bar with equipment later.
  8. It is useful to sleep on a hard mattress and sit with your spine next to a chair.
  9. It is desirable to occasionally perform a manual massage.
  10. Exercises due to osteochondrosis (clamping) of the neck and spine and headaches-palms place your hands on the scalp. Squeeze your head firmly. Relax your hands. Repeat in 30 seconds. Do this exercise 3x. Massage the temple area with the fingers of both hands. Do a nape massage. At the point next to the recess (where the nape of the neck passes into the neck part) for 1 minute. Pause for 30 seconds. Continue with both hands to the right and left at the points of elevation of the nape of the neck. Repeat the exercise.

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