Simple ways to improve your eating habits

Simple ways to improve your eating habits
Food should not be a consolation.
Fruits and vegetables should be half of the total diet.
Eat 6 small meals daily.
Laughter, conversation and relaxation whenever possible at the table
Always look for healthier dietary alternatives
Turn off cell phone TV, laptop while eating
Decorate the table with flowers, napkins and appropriate utensils.

  1. One should listen to the true feeling of hunger. It is time to eat when 3 appears on a scale from 1 to 10. We should stop eating when we are full but we have not eaten too much, ie when hunger is between 5 and 7.
  2. Decide in advance one “sin” (such as a sweet pop-corn) if you go on a trip.
  3. Always keep a protein (energy) plate with less than 200 calories and at least 3 g of fiber in the bag (so that the body does not starve).
  4. Bitter vegetables (spinach, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, broccoli, beets) can become sweet and drive cancer away from the body. For example, mix raw and grated beets with celery, lemon juice and raisins. It can be eroded in balsamic vinegar. Betacyanin and geosmin from beets prevent the action of toxins that stimulate cancer. Mash the broccoli flowers and steam. Mix with potatoes. Broccoli stalks can be sautéed in olive oil with garlic. Sulforaphane from broccoli expels cancer-promoting substances from the body. Indole-3 carbinol in turn slows tumor growth and affects the withdrawal of suspicious changes in cervical cells. Red cabbage can be cooked. Add chopped apples with peel, a little natural apple juice and raisins. Add the minced cloves. Consumption of cabbage several times a week reduces the risk of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers. In broccoli and red cabbage, the substance is isothiocyanate. Coat the eggplant with olive oil and sprinkle with oregano. Grill. It is rich in bitter chlorogenic acid, which protects against deposits on the walls of arteries (which prevents the development of high blood pressure). Saute the kale in apple juice to remove the bitterness. These vegetables contain glucosinates (which fight cancer cells by activating liver enzymes that inactivate those cancers). Spinach can be eaten fresh or cooked. Prepare a salad with raspberry puree, balsamic vinegar, a little olive or beet oil. Spinach is one of the strongest antioxidants (it contains a high content of vitamins A, B6, K, riboflavin, iron, manganese, olat, calcium. Spinach is rich in lutein which protects the eye network from damage or loss of vision.

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