6 tips for better growth and health of houseplants and cacti in the home

6 tips for better growth and health of houseplants and cacti in the home
Ornamental potted plants that you keep indoors or on the balcony require constant and careful care.

  1. A small funnel is a great item for watering sensitive plants. Press the funnel with the tip along the edge of the pot opening so that the water gradually soaks the soil in the pot and the root evenly absorbs the required amount of moisture.
  2. If you accidentally cut a branch of a plant with a fleshy leaf in half, then wrap that part with transparent adhesive tape. The branch will be completely repaired after some time. Just carefully remove the tape.
  3. Rub the plant with a soft brush dipped in fuel alcohol. This will remove unwanted parasites from the plant. Houseplants do not need strong chemicals or nicotine to remove parasites.
  4. Gently remove the dust from the cactus with a dry brush.
  5. Lightly rub the plants in the house with tobacco solution to remove plant insects. Steam tobacco or cigarette butts with hot water. Wait for the liquid to cool. Rub each sheet on both sides with the drained liquid.
  6. Leaves of philodendron, sanseveria, ficus and similar houseplants with a shiny face – occasionally rub with a cloth (which you sprayed with milk). Milk helps the plant to grow better and the leaves to be healthier.

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