10 foods with excellent health goals


10 foods with excellent health goals
We know that the best and healthiest is a varied diet and the amount a person should eat. However, some foods are more useful in certain health areas and healthier than others. Here is a top list of foods from the book “Super Food-Super Health” by Barbara Griegs and Michael van Straten (http://www.michaelvanstraten.com/) who are also well-known American nutritionists. They also claim that frequent consumption of these super 10 healthy foods can keep you in shape for a long time and have a youthful appearance.

  1. Avocado is a friend of the skin – avocado is a caloric and fatty fruit which is why many people avoid avocados. However, avocados contain beneficial fats that protect the heart and blood vessels, and the high content of antioxidants eliminates / neutralizes free radicals by slowing down skin aging and skin cell degeneration.
  2. Beer is a salvation for bones – thanks to silicon (a mineral important for bone health) and phytoestrogens – a small mug of beer a day helps prevent osteoporosis. An even better effect is if you eat a portion of cheese rich in calcium with beer.
  3. Onion is an ally of the heart – cardiologists say that half of onion a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%. Cramps in children used to be treated with water in which onions are cooked. It was believed that this water cures many diseases (even leprosy) that it is good against atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, red parasites. In France, it is still believed that a plate of onion soup erases all signs of a sleepless night.
  4. Cresson is a natural antibiotic – the plant cresson (quenching) of small green leaves and specific taste – contains oils and substances that have the properties of a natural antibiotic.
  5. Cabbage and leafy vegetables mean digestion without problems – cabbage juice, broccoli, or cauliflower protect the walls of the stomach and intestines and help digestion. The iron and chlorophyll they contain are great against anemia and stress. Cabbage vegetables have been shown to play an important role in preventing cancer, which is why fresh or cooked green leafy vegetables are often eaten.
  6. Shellfish is an aphrodisiac-shellfish and marine mollusks are rich in iron, selenium and zinc which strengthen male fertility and stimulate sexual desire. It is important to eat these foods daily when they are taken out of the sea.
  7. Jerusalem artichoke is a healthy sugar – Jerusalem artichoke is a tuber from the sunflower family that can be found in health food stores or specialty stores. It is rich in carbohydrates and poor in sugar. That is why it is an ideal food for diabetics. The high content of potassium makes this food a great friend of the heart and blood vessels. Washed and peeled vegetables are prepared like potatoes, although they taste like cauliflower.
  8. Lentils are an anti-aging agent – they provide enough protein, especially in combination with cereals. Lentils are rich in various minerals and plant fibers that regulate digestion. It contains little fat. Lentils lower blood cholesterol levels. Prepared with aromatic and spicy herbs, it has an anti-aging effect, ie it slows down aging.
  9. Buckwheat is a tonic for capillaries – buckwheat is a grain whose grains are used to make tasty and healthy flour rich in flavonoids (which are a strong natural tonic for capillaries), proteins, fats, vitamins, phosphorus, iron, iodine, zinc, organic acids and not contain gluten. Buckwheat is useful in lowering blood pressure, rheumatic disorders, glaucoma and diabetes because it increases the body’s ability to use sugar.
  10. Rosehip is an elixir of youth – a glass of rosehip juice contains 3 times more antioxidants than the same amount of red wine. It has a much higher concentration of bioflavonoids than iron. It prevents viral diseases (such as flu), so in winter it should be eaten regularly and drink juice.



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