During the summer, children (with the help from an adult) should be more careful when traveling

During the summer, children (with the help from an adult) should be more careful when traveling
Probiotics should be taken preventively during the summer travels

During the summer months, parents usually take their children to pediatricians due to physical injuries. This is evidenced by the experience of doctors, although many think that high temperatures and insects are the main enemies of children. School-age children spend a lot of time indoors during the year. During school holidays in summer, children go out into the open, playgrounds, promenades, parks, rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, picnic areas and other green areas. It happens that children get injured, or often peel their skin or other physical injuries when medical help is most often needed. This must not be a reason for banning children from staying in nature. On the contrary, younger children and school children need to spend as much time outdoors and playing as possible.
Summer is still a period when we visit doctors incomparably less and when we are the healthiest. Warm days, sun, rich offer of fruits and vegetables, days of rest without stress, effort and obligations contribute to that. Infections are then incomparably more common than viruses than bacteria. Therefore, the therapy is aimed at raising the defenses through rest, diet and possibly therapy that alleviates or eliminates symptoms (fever, pain, runny nose, cough, digestive problems, etc.).
Nausea on trips should be anticipated by mental preparation (by telling the child to look forward to new places, experiences, develop a sense of beauty and the unusual, and a light diet)
It can be a bottle of water or sweet tea with as little (or no) juice as possible. If nausea still occurs, then medications should be used to help the child go through the journey without trauma. Antibiotics should not be taken on a trip without medical advice. However, a travel pharmacy may contain brufen or paracetamol for pain and fever, iodine for skin injuries and a probiotic for diarrhea. The probiotic in one dose can be taken freely during a long trip and preventively. In case of vomiting, it is recommended to drink non-carbonated mineral water. You should wear hats, caps, caps. And be sure to bring an anti-allergy remedy for possible allergies from insect bites.
Mosquitoes, spiders and much less often wasps, bees and ants are insects that can cause damage

The reaction of the child’s organism to insect bites is different (from mild swelling that quickly subsides to larger swelling that itches and if they are on the eyelids, lips, tongue, then the help of a doctor is necessary). Cold compress, antihistamine ointment at the injection site and syrup in a dose determined by the child’s body weight. The child should be taken for a medical examination if the parents are not sure about independent therapy.
The term dehydration is fluid loss
Fluid makes up 2/3 of the human body, so the body must not dehydrate. Dehydration can most often occur due to high heat, extreme physical activity, and leads to vomiting and diarrhea. People then need to help the organism not to suffer and perform its functions in optimal conditions. There is a whole range of rehydration solutions that should be in the travel pharmacy. The application is simple – either they are already prepared or the solution should be dissolved in 250 or 500 ml of water and given to the child in small doses until complete healing.
Swimming and swimming are the healthiest human activities. It is ultimately a natural human environment that has a beneficial effect on joints, bones, muscles and internal organs. However, a little preparation is needed before going into the water, entering gradually to harmonize the outside temperature with the temperature of the water and the body. Protecting your skin from the sun is an imperative of the new age. The most comprehensive medical advice is to make meals light with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables or short-cooked meals during the summer. Sufficient fluid intake through iced teas, freshly squeezed juices, soups, required bottles of water.

One should be careful with street food because eggs, milk and dairy products are more susceptible to faster spoilage at high temperatures, and especially if they are stored inadequately.

Everything that belongs to the group of perishable foods (meat, eggs, dairy products) should be avoided and protected during the heat. They can be taken well heat-treated or if the person is sure that these foods are stored in accordance with regulations. The child should be developed caution as a personal alarm system but without intimidation, fear and repulsion-
Driving a car in high heat can have an adverse effect on your child
If there is an air conditioner, then the temperature difference from the outside temperature should not be too great, because getting out of the car (where the temperature is 25 degrees C to the outside where it is 35 degrees C) will be quite a shock, especially for children. If the car is too hot, then the doors and windows should be opened and the ventilation with the windows lowered should be switched on until the temperature inside the vehicle is bearable. Only then can the child get in the car where he would also have a car seat in accordance with child’s age.

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