7 tips for hair care after using salt sea water


7 tips for hair care after using salt sea water
Hair is exposed to stronger sun, wind and salty sea water during the summer months. Even then, the hair can be soft and silky without using the usual treatment products.

  1. Hair after staying in salt sea water is different. The water evaporates but the salt remains, which has a devastating effect. It is advisable to carry a bottle with fresh water (or even better rain water) with a sprayer and occasionally spray your hair.
  2. Rinse your head after swimming in salty sea water. Rub your head with a terry towel preheated in the sun.
  3. Massage dry hair or the skin around the hair roots with pure pharmacy alcohol (or lotion with alcohol or castor oil).
  4. You can buy lotion with alcohol in well-stocked cosmetic stores (or pharmacies) or make it at home. Recipe: castor oil 50 gr, cholesterol 35 gr, chloroform 3 grams, Aeth. Citri 1 cubic cm, Acetone anhydr. 10 gr, Alcoholi 100 gr (alcohol of 90 degrees). You can kindly ask the pharmacist to make you a lotion like this.
  5. Anyone who dyes or de-colors their hair should often level the base shade with the de-colored shades. This rule also applies to people with naturally blonde hair. Rinse your hair with chamomile tea after every hair wash. Do not dry your hair in the sun, because the sun emphasizes the unevenness of the color even more. It is better to dry the hair naturally in the shade.
  6. Sunbathing also has a bad effect on people with brown shades of hair (chestnut and similar) because the color becomes vague and devoid of naturalness. Therefore, brush your hair every morning with a brush dipped in wine vinegar in which you have put a particle of quinine powder (not in crystal).
  7. Wind, sun and dust damage every type and color of hair. You can therefore preventively use brilliantine with castor oil from a store, pharmacy or according to a homemade recipe. Recipe: add 0.6 drops of castor oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil to 25 grams of petroleum jelly (used for the preparation of brilliantine).

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