Sea salt contains sodium chloride and about 80 other useful substances

Sea salt contains sodium chloride and about 80 other useful substances
Sea salt contains sodium chloride and about 80 other useful substances in elements (for example, potassium, magnesium, manganese, etc.). Sea salt is beneficial for health, skin and hair.

  1. Sea salt has an alkalizing effect that helps balance acid levels in the body. Thus, it eliminates the risk factors of various fatal diseases.
  2. Strengthens the immune system. The body becomes more resistant to various autoimmune diseases (allergies, flu, etc.).
  3. It has significant effects on the cardiovascular system. Experts have proven that regular consumption of sea salt dispersed in water significantly reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. It keeps the blood pressure level under control. Normalizes irregular heartbeat.
  4. Sea salt helps reduce blood sugar levels. That is why metabolic disorders (such as diabetes) can be successfully treated with sea salt.
  5. More than 20% of sodium accumulates in the bones. Bones are damaged due to the lack of minerals in the blood and body fluids. Osteoporosis can be both prevented and treated by adding sea salt to the diet.
  6. Sea salt is useful for the respiratory system. Minerals, trace elements and structural parts of algae (which contains sea salt) help the recovery of the mucous membrane. Sea salt has a mild antiseptic and antibacterial effect. This is attributed to calcium and magnesium ions.
  7. Sea salt is a good source of potassium (which facilitates the functioning of muscle fibers). Sea salt has a beneficial effect against cramps.
  8. Sea salt is a natural blood purifier. It contains a large amount of vitamin C (which has an antioxidant effect and destroys free radicals). Magnesium provides an effective antioxidant effect. Thus, sea salt enables the detoxification of skin cells by absorbing all the toxins from them.
  9. The skin becomes soft and healthy because salt draws toxins from the body. That’s why sea salt baths improve skin tone. Such a bath stimulates the excretion of excess water from the skin and connective tissue. This prevents the accumulation of excess fluid. The skin becomes firm, smooth and healthier.
  10. Sea salt contains vitally important minerals and vitamins (important for proper cell nutrition). These nutrients can improve cellular metabolism (substance and energy exchange), keep tissue hydrated, stimulate circulation on the skin’s surface, and increase cell membrane strength.
  11. Calcium helps clear clogged skin pores.
  12. Sea salt is an ideal natural skin exfoliator because the texture of the skin helps to remove the top layers of dead skin cells.
  13. Sea salt is a great help for people with oily hair. Absorbs excess oil from hair curls making hair smooth and beautiful.
  14. Hair gets volume using minerals from sea salt. Sea salt provides the follicles with enough nutrients that make the hair soft.
  15. Sea salt is great for getting rid of dandruff in the hair. Treats dryness of the scalp because it acts directly on the skin.

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