If you spend 8 hours in a sitting position then move for the next 2 hours

If you work in a sitting position for 8 hours, then move for the next 2 hours
The so-called “sedentary” way of life and work today also affects younger people, teenagers in addition to people who work in offices and the elderly population. Rehabilitologists and therapists believe that this negatively affects the body
Neck – constant tension of the neck muscles causes pain and serious problems (eg migraine and osteochondrosis)
The spine-spine in the shape of the Latin letter “s” in the sitting position takes on the appearance of the letter “c”. this causes a blockage in the back muscles that hold the body up
Kidneys – the risk of developing kidney disease increases by 30% for people who spend more than 3 hours in a sitting position
Stomach immobility also affects the work of digestive enzymes. Metabolism is consequently disturbed. This causes obesity and poor absorption of nutrients
Legs-sitting for a long time will disrupt blood circulation. This causes numbness in the legs and the formation of blood clots. It is especially dangerous to sit with your legs crossed.
The heart works harder in the absence of muscle load. The heart (that is, the “main engine” of the organism) is in real danger if sclerosis of the blood vessels joins with age. People whose work/life conditions involves long sitting have twice the risk of developing cardiovascular problems (compared to people who spend a long time in a standing position).
Useful tips for people who spend many hours in a sitting position (for any reason):

  1. It is more useful to stand than to sit. Working in a standing position burns about 35% more calories than in a sitting position.
  2. Change your position often during the day – according to possibilities and conditions. Fidget on the chair, shake your arms and legs and often shrug your shoulders.
  3. If you work for 8 hours in a sitting position, then you should mostly move for the next 2 hours.


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