Chlorophytum is a record holder among indoor plants because it cleans the air very well

Chlorophytum is a record holder among indoor plants because it cleans the air very well
Chlorophytum is often more efficient than numerous indoor air purifiers. This plant is a record holder for air filtration among other indoor plants
Every home or business space looks more beautiful and pleasant if it has some plants in pots. We choose indoor plants based on their beauty and effectiveness in cleaning the air. Plants absorb carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen. Plants “swallow” a whole range of bad substances, thus cleaning the air we breathe.
The green color of plants has a beneficial effect on the state of mind, soothes and gives confidence. Plants also have certain bioenergy that can improve the aura of any home or business space.
Chlorophytum belongs to the lily family. Well-known representatives of the lily family are onions and garlic (which are excellent at cleaning the body of bacteria and viruses). Chlorophytum also has excellent antibacterial properties (it emits a bunch of phytoncides in the air of the room, phytoncides are biologically active substances that have the ability to fight against various forms of bad microorganisms). That is why chlorophytum can often be seen in clinics, medical institutions, polyclinics, medical clinics, hospitals. Chlorophytum protects people from pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. Scientists conducted an experiment with this plant. The results of the experiment say that chlorophytum cleaned 88% of the air in the room (from harmful microbes and bacteria) during 24 hours.
Chlorophytum is a plant that is never affected by pests
Cats eat a chlorophytum leaf for medicinal purposes. This is not uncommon among domestic cats.

Chlorophytum is a plant that is not demanding. A simple plant can grow in the light and in the shade. In the shade, however, chlorophytum can fade and lose its brightness. Therefore, place the chlorophytum on a west or east window. The room temperature should be moderate. Watering the plant is similar to watering other indoor plants. Chlorophytum should be watered abundantly from spring to autumn. The soil in which the plant is located should then be constantly moist (soaked with water). Chlorophytum should be moderately watered during the winter months. Wash the sheets regularly for dust and dirt. Also spray the plant with water regularly.

Chlorophytum is truly a record holder among indoor plants in terms of the speed and quality of cleaning the air from harmful impurities, bacteria and even mold. Chlorophytum is the first among well-known plants such as sanseveria, spathiphyllum, ivy and aloe.
The Latin name “Chlorophytum” ​​means “green plant” (chloros-green and phytum-plant). The plant actively cleans the air in the room from toxic compounds of nitrogen and sulfur, carbon monoxide and benzene, from phenol and formaldehyde.
Chlorophytum is especially useful in kitchens with gas stoves and apartments with new furniture
Chlorophytum is energy neutral. That’s why it can be kept in all rooms (in the bedroom, children’s room, in the hallway, on the stairs, even in the bathroom if you have a window).
Modern scientific research shows that chlorophytum effectively filters toxic substances and improves the air quality in the room. The plant keeps part of the harmful substances on the leaves and in the root and then uses these parts (root and leaf) for its own purposes.
Chlorophytum feels “like a fish in water” in a heavily polluted room.
Some scientists have determined that only one plant is capable of cleaning a room of harmful substances, while others believe that it is necessary to have 2 to 4 chlorophytum plants to clean a room of 10 m².

Chlorophytum also moistens the dry air in the room with regular watering
Experts recommend adding one to two tablets of activated carbon to the soil (in which the plant is planted) to strengthen the cleaning properties of the chlorophytum.

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