Autumn morning and evening makeup for women of all generations

Autumn morning and evening makeup for women of all generations
Purple is one of the colors that beauticians suggest during autumn. Purple is a great choice because it goes well with all eye colors. Green eyes with purple shades look charming, gray and dark eye colors give depth and penetration, highlight brown eye color as well as all brown shades of eyes while making blue eyes mysterious.
A full hit is achieved with beautiful colors of cosmetics and well-groomed skin (because it often happens that makeup irritates the skin, that the face gets acne and pimples from the powder, or that the powder collects in the wrinkles that still stand out and deepen). The shadow on the eye should not be like a mold and make the eyelid heavy and contribute to puffiness of the eyelid and eyes.
The new formulas insist on mineral colors of natural origin
Mineral colors (which are the base ingredient in cosmetic preparations) have a light texture (as dermatologists and beauticians say). Mineral colors do not make the skin greasy. They contain medicinal plant extracts that protect the skin from external influences. The woman thus receives extended care instead of makeup. For example, Dr. Hauscka’s makeup is a good example of this kind of cosmetics with mineral colors (light lilac, lilac, plum color, to brown shades that lightly shade the skin and give the face a natural look). Plant extracts and natural silk (in powders) preserve the balance of oil and moisture in the skin.

Daily makeup – first apply the day cream and then the liquid powder. Even out skin tone. For example, draw a line along the lower eyelid under the eyelashes with purple eyeliner. It is recommended to soften the color with a small cotton swab. Apply white eyeliner on the inner side of the eyelid. Apply a light purple on the upper part of the eyelid closer to the eyelashes. With dark purple, you add depth to the eye. For example, apply plum color from the outside of the eyelid towards the middle. Put a little white color on the inner corner of the eye up to the nose. Put the brown mascara on the eyelashes. Apply lip gloss. Your daily makeup is done.

Evening makeup – highlight the cheekbones with blush (after evening out the skin tone). Lift your cheekbones with a smile and brush over them. Apply the lightest color of eye shadow on the upper eyelid (the part above the eyelashes). Then frame the entire eye with purple eyeliner. Transitions should always be softened with another, darker shade (plum color). Apply the brown eyeshadow from the outer to the inner part of the eyelid. For the evening, use black mascara and lipstick. Choose a shade that does not contain orange tones. Put the lip gloss over the lipstick. A layer of stone powder (or loose powder) should be applied over the blush if the blush is too strong and flammable.

Several ingredients make quality natural makeup important:

  1. Minerals-mineral pigments do not clog the pores on the face and do not act as allergens on the skin.
  2. Quality vegetable oils – they are beneficial for the skin, especially if they are made from organically grown plants without pesticides and herbicides (grown on clean land). Vegetable oils play the role of a base in cosmetics. It is the base that “carries” the other ingredients.
  3. Plant extracts – protect the skin and help the skin retain water (just like in day creams).
  4. Silk is a luxurious ingredient that nourishes the skin in powders. Silk makes the skin smooth while hydrating the skin.

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